20 Oct, 2021

It's Mazari versus Mazari-Hazir on Twitter but netizens would rather they just sort it out in person. Federal Human Rights Minister Shireen Mazari recently took her daughter, lawyer Imaan Hazir-Mazari to task for insulting the federal cabinet and people on Twitter are wondering why they didn't just talk it out in person considering they're you know related.

"If the country was going to be run on sorcery then why is the nation’s money being wasted on such a large cabinet? The country is being ridiculed over sorcery and you want people who practice this not to be discussed. That will never happen," Mazari-Hazir wrote on Twitter.

She was referring to claims made by opposition leaders that the prime minister is employing magic and sorcery (jadoon toona) to run the country.

Her mother, the federal minister, fired back using the same platform, saying she was ashamed of her words.

As a federal minister, Shireen Mazari is part of the cabinet her daughter was criticising.

What confused people most about this Twitter exchange was why it was happening in the first place.

Don't you guys talk to each other, many people asked.

Some thought this wasn't the right app for this exchange and suggested the Mazaris switch to WhatsApp instead.

Many people gave thanks that their parents weren't on Twitter.

Lots of people knew their parents wouldn't handle this situation with a firmly worded tweet.

Some people saw some famous parallels.

And so not so famous parallels.

Others couldn't believe what they were seeing.

There were some people who appreciated the exchange. If nothing else, it seems like the Mazari-Hazir household is a space where everyone is free to hold and express their own opinions even if they differ greatly from their parents'.

And then there were the slightly strange reactions. Might we point out that a resignation and a slipper in hand have nothing to do with each other?

While seeing the mother daughter duo interact on Twitter can be entertaining, we have to side with netizens on this one and ask whether this conversation could have been had at the dinner table instead. We're also pretty glad our mothers aren't on Twitter, or else we'd be in for some pretty amusing interactions as well.