Are you one of the '220 million Pakistanis' who can vouch for actor Adnan Siddiqui's fame on Twitter?

Published 14 Oct, 2021 05:48pm

Images Staff

All the man wants is a verified Twitter account, is that too much to ask?

Actor Adnan Siddiqui recently asked the folks at Twitter HQ a serious question — is a verified Twitter account too much to ask for as a bonafide Pakistani celebrity? Jack Dorsey and HQ might think so but his fans certainly don't, and they're coming to Siddiqui's aid to help him get that blue tick.

As an actor, Siddiqui has done it all. He's played the infamous Shehwaar Ahmed in Meray Pass Tum Ho. He's starred alongside Bollywood actor Sridevi in the 2017 movie Mom. He's also romanced Hollywood with his role in the 2007 Angelina Jolie starrer A Mighty Heart. Shouldn't that be enough to get a verified Twitter account? According to Siddiqui, Twitter and its CEO Jack Dorsey don't think so.

"220 million Pakistanis can vouch for me being a big time small actor (or the other way round, as they please) who’s worked across continents," the actor said. "[Am I] still not qualified enough to get my handle verified?"

Siddiqui signed off his message with a heartbreaking #adnanwho? that had us a little teary eyed. The man has worked hard for his stardom, where's the justice?

This is a question Siddiqui's fans asked as well as they commented on and re-shared his post. Many demanded that Twitter verify his account right away.

Users began to highlight the reward that awaited them if they did so.

In case Twitter found Siddiqui being a flute player too good to be true, another user gave testimony to his musical capabilities.

If you won't do it for the flute, you should definitely do it for the suits!

And if you're not into music or the culture of 'suiting up', do it because Siddiqui was Shehwaar in Meray Paas Tum Ho.

Or are you not verifying him because you weren't a fan of Meray Paas Tum Ho at all? That explains it.

Perhaps the number of followers on his Twitter account aren't impressive enough. Someone get the man a marketing manager to help him up those numbers.

Its not just the humble masses who support Siddiqui's claim to verification-hood. Designer Asim Jofa wants result tout suite.

All of this begs the question though, did Siddiqui fill the form to apply for verification to begin with? The actor didn't say and none of us are sure either.

Whether you filled it out or not, Adnan Siddiqui, don't worry. There is a devoted community of fans who'll fight on your behalf for that little blue tick. Sit tight, relax and let Pakistani Twitter do what they do best — rant to achieve results.