Here's why we're looking forward to the upcoming wellness pop-up at Karachi's PitStop

Published 13 Oct, 2021 05:21pm

Images Staff

It promises a little something for everyone, whether you're into yoga, aromatherapy or eco-friendly local products.

Photo: PitStop/Instagram
Photo: PitStop/Instagram

A Karachi-based wellness market, Natangle, is on a mission to de-stress and reinvigorate us busy city folks with an upcoming pop-up that has piqued our interests for all the right (and healthy) reasons. Well, five major reasons to be precise, which we've listed here for you.

The pop-up will be held at Pit Stop Karachi (at L'ecole in DHA Phase 8) on October 16.

One of the reasons we're so interested in this pop-up is because it's going to have a series of live experience sessions.

There will be group sessions focusing on mental health

The event will offer safe spaces for people to come together and share their problems in. Visitors will get the chance to join a Baithak, a well-being initiative by The Circle Pakistan that aims to help people "work on themselves with others". These group sessions will focus on sharing childhood stories and learning about kindness towards ourself and others.

We'll get to declutter our mind with some Sound Bath meditation

If you've lived in Karachi long enough, you're bound to be used to the noise pollution by now. It's time we heard something more calming. Let's give ourselves a break with a live session on sound bath meditation that promises to release stress through "pure sonic sounds from singing bowls".

We can get our daily dose of yoga

The event will also organise a session on "power packed" yoga by a trained practitioner. A chance to flex those muscles after spending a day cramped up in an office chair sounds pretty sweet.

We can be one with ourselves through aromatherapy

In case you're a meditator who regularly reaches for that lavender scent and diffuser, this live session sounds especially for you. The session is meant to "evoke your mood and emotions, spirits and energies and will allow you to embed them in an affirmative scent customised to your true self".

Some of our favourite wellness brands will be setting up stalls at the event

Whether you're a conscious consumer on the lookout for eco-friendly and organic products or on the road to self care and looking after your health, you'll find a variety of brands catering to all that.

We're especially looking forward to restocking our scrapbook supplies from brand Papeterie's stall at the event. There will also be bespoke jewellery pieces from the brand Cage. We're also interested in the urban green and their product line-up of vertical gardens, water bodies and pond lighting.

All other details can be found on Natangle's Instagram profile in case you're interested in attending!