Veena Malik yearns to experience the 'small moments' after testing positive for Covid-19

Published 11 Oct, 2021 11:05am

Irfan Ul Haq

The actor took to social media to share the 'intimate' moments she misses in quarantine.

Actor Veena Malik recently shared on social media that she has tested positive for Covid-19.

The actor wrote down her thoughts on Instagram, saying she misses the 'small, intimate moments' in life now that she is in quarantine. "The little things matter," she wrote. "Who knew I would miss that Starbucks coffee or those grocery runs the most? In our hyperactive world, it’s easy to take things and moments for granted. Hanging out with friends, spending time with family, going out to a restaurant, interacting with friends and family.

"As soon as Covid-19 cut us off from the world, these tiny nuances became ever so important. Suddenly, I found myself craving a Frappuccino from Starbucks or yearning for a trip to McDonalds," she continued. "Suddenly, amidst the isolation, I cherished the 'hello' and 'have a good day' exchanged between my neighbour and I on our daily walks."

I had always been so caught up in the grand events of life that I forgot how meaningful the small, intimate moments were too, she said.

Malik told Images how she's doing in quarantine so far. "A week ago I had headaches and fever, and it continued for a couple of days so I got tested and this is how I got to know [I was Covid positive]," she said. "I'm now taking all the precautions and medication. There aren't a lot of symptoms. I just feel a bit of suffocation and experience headaches. I'm much better from the previous week. I'm isolating at home since a week now and I have one more to go."

Malik urged everyone to take precautions against Covid-19. "I would like to say to people that they should take care of themselves," she said. "Obviously by now everyone knows that [Covid-19] is real. Even if they are vaccinated, they should take care of themselves. Be masked all the time, whenever they go out. please take care of all other things as well."

She asked for prayers for her speedy recovery as well.

The actor is due to make a comeback to the entertainment industry with a sociopolitical series for Urduflix.

Many celebrities have tested positive for Covid-19 this year, including Kubra Khan and Ushna Shah. Many urged their followers to get vaccinated to lessen the severity of the illness in case one tests positive. Getting vaccinated can also protect the people around you.