Anoushey Ashraf and Dino Ali tell us things we'll never hear Pakistanis say in a hilarious new video

Published 07 Oct, 2021 03:50pm

Images Staff

"Women always seem so happy in our television dramas," said no Pakistani ever.

VJs and BFFs Anoushey Ashraf and Dino Ali are at it again with another hilarious video on things you'll apparently never hear Pakistanis say and their take is pretty spot on.

The duo posted a comedy skit on Instagram, relating a bunch of things you'll probably never hear from a born and bred Pakistani. "Women always seem so happy in our television dramas," says Ali, a comment no one else will make, ever.

Ashraf and Ali previously tickled our funny bones with their take on common Karachi slang (the two being bonafide Karachiites themselves). The video was a hit and was all the encouragement Ashraf and Ali needed to make a fresh video.

The duo cite a number of things you'd never hear a Pakistani say, especially if you've grown up having no electricity at home for 12 hours at a time. "Dino, what is loading shedding?" Ashraf asks right at the start of the video. "I don't know," replies a puzzled Ali.

Ashraf hits the ball out of the park with the comment, "Hurry we're getting late for the hockey match!" Hearing this in a country obsessed with cricket? As if.

Celebrities such as actors Armeena Khan, Zhalay Sarhadi and Anoushay Abbasi commented on the video posted on both Ali and Ashraf's Instagram accounts.

Abbasi was in fits of laughter.

Sarhadi absolutely "loved" the video.

Khan added the phrase "I'm sorry" to the list of things Pakistanis never say.

Ashraf and Ali's video had us rolling on the floor with laughter and we're sure you'll be plenty amused as well. What else do you think you'll never hear Pakistanis say out loud?