'Don't fix what isn't broken': Twitter users don't really know what to make of Khaadi's new logo

'Don't fix what isn't broken': Twitter users don't really know what to make of Khaadi's new logo

The logo has been reimagined and netizens had a lot to say about the change, most of which wasn't exactly positive.
06 Oct, 2021

In case you've been busy with memes about Facebook going down, you might have missed fashion label Khaadi's big announcement on social media on Monday. The brand's iconic logo has been reinvented in a major rebranding move, and although netizens are just catching up on the news, they've already taken to social media to express exactly how they feel about the change (hint: they don't like it).

Khaadi took to social media to unveil its new logo as part of a fresh marketing campaign. "Starting from a single thread, our story has unraveled over the years to become even more exciting. Stay with us as we create the mark of expression. Now, it is your turn to express yourself, tell your story, be yourself and wear yourself," read the caption on Instagram.

This was the brand's original logo, one that many many have come to associate with the brand with over the years.

As fate would have it for Khaadi's marketing department, three of the biggest social media apps on the planet — Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp — suffered an outage shortly after Khaadi made the announcement. The brand was not pleased at the lack of attention its move got.

Netizens woke up to a rebooted Facebook and Instagram on Tuesday morning and soon found themselves staring at Khaadi's new logo, and they definitely were not pleased. "I see Khaadi has decided to murder its perfectly new logo," one user tweeted.

Twitter users did not mince their words to tell the brand exactly what they thought of the reimagined logo. "Khaadi has put themselves into a khadda (pothole) by redesigning their logo," a tweet read.

"Khaadi's new logo looks like something you'd see on a diaper product," a user commented. Yikes.

Some users were not pleased about how someone made oodles of money by designing a logo that looked "so bad".

"Why did you have fix something that was not broken in the first place?" a netizen lamented.

All was not lost for Khaadi! Some loyal customers rushed in to the brand's defence as well. "You all are losing your mind over [the new] Khaadi logo as if you're going to wear the logo. Be quiet," a user snapped back.

"Khaadi didn't ask anyone for their opinion on the new logo, so why is everyone giving free advice anyways?" a tweet read.

We hate to be a hater Khaadi, but the reimagined logo isn't cutting it out for us either. There was something about that gorgeous white logo that really spoke to us. Hopefully somewhere at the Khaadi HQ, someone will realise they've made a grave mistake and repost a picture of the previous logo with the caption, 'my bad'.