Salman Ahmed to explore PM Imran's life in new documentary Spiritual Democracy

Salman Ahmed to explore PM Imran's life in new documentary Spiritual Democracy

The singer explains how he has broken the documentary into four parts and what each part has in store for us.
Updated 17 Sep, 2021

Singer Salman Ahmad is set to release a documentary titled Spiritual Democracy, based on the life of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

In a recent interview to Hum News, Ahmed said that the documentary will cover a span of about 50 years of PM Imran's life. He pointed out that he has known the prime minister for 35 years and has been collecting childhood pictures, archive footage he shot himself and footage shot by his friend Shoaib Mansoor, the director of blockbuster movies Bol and Khuda Kay Liye.

The singer says he even has footage of PM Imran’s very first Test match, which the PM lost.

Ahmed explained how he has divided the documentary into four thematic parts. The first part is named 'Journey of Self Discovery', which focuses on PM Imran’s life before becoming the prime minister and what his mindset was at the time. The second part, 'Nuclear Neighbours', focuses on Pakistan’s relationship with India. The third, 'Age of Crisis and Calamities', covers the issues faced by the prime minister due to the pandemic, how he contracted Covid-19 and handled the country's response to the situation. The last will be 'Pakistan: The Search for Identity', which will focus on the premier's future plans and vision for Pakistan.

The soundtrack of the documentary will feature music by Junoon, Ahmed's band. The documentary also includes the interviews of many influential world leaders, such former Malaysian prime minister Mahathir Mohamad, whom Ahmed personally interviewed.

When asked how viewers will be able to watch the documentary, Ahmed said discussions are still underway regarding distribution. He hopes to market the film in different regions of the world as it is in English and therefore has a very large potential audience. The singer also said he is working on getting the film translated into seven to 10 languages.


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Truth be told Sep 16, 2021 06:39pm
None of them ain't that important
Hasan Malik Sep 16, 2021 07:26pm
Darbaris are working overtime now a days to make a living.
Ahmad Sep 16, 2021 07:28pm
Sycophancy is the most practiced art in Pakistan.
Integrity Sep 16, 2021 10:08pm
A great initiative! Don’t let losers and sycophants discourage you.
A shah Sep 16, 2021 11:48pm
It must be a comedy
Salman Sep 17, 2021 01:37am
Ha ha ha. And how does Buzdar fit into it.
Mobin Sep 17, 2021 03:05am
We are very unappreciative of our heroes. The struggle Imran khan did in his personal life is commendable. It is inspirational for our younger generation in Pakistan as well for the rest of the world
fast_and_the_curious Sep 17, 2021 04:19am
Salman Ahmed after failing to make on his own following Junoon is milking off Imran Khan for a long time
Usman Sep 17, 2021 07:33am
And definitely improve inflation rate n poverty in Pakistan
Abdul Sep 17, 2021 07:53am
What does spiritual democracy mean? We keep coming up with these terms.
Anonymous Sep 17, 2021 07:59am
Maybe he is inspired by the Governor of Sidh who got his job by his only achievement: he sang the PTI song. But let me remind this gentleman that the days of the PTI government are over and he is not going to become an advisor or a governor.
Abrar Sep 17, 2021 09:55am
From that picture to spiritual democracy, a quite a journey... I must say.... it is the new buzz word.
Haider Durrani Sep 18, 2021 02:42pm
Nothing to do with the ground downtrodden economic situation. Time has gone for these acts of flattering.