Government assures support after comedian Umer Sharif asks PM Imran Khan to help with medical treatment

Government assures support after comedian Umer Sharif asks PM Imran Khan to help with medical treatment

Shahbaz Gill says govt will support his travel to Saudi Arabia, the US or Germany and try to help pay for the surgery.
Updated 10 Sep, 2021

Celebrated veteran comedian and actor Umer Sharif sent a video message to Prime Minister Imran Khan via a television talkshow, requesting the premier's assistance to receive urgent medical treatment.

Sharif's message was broadcast on the ARY News talk show 11th Hour hosted by Waseem Badami. "The doctor has told me that I need to go abroad to receive the best treatment," Sharif said in his message. "I helped in the making of Imran Khan's Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital. I request Prime Minister Imran Khan to come to my support just like I have come to his whenever he has called me."

Badami explained why Sharif is requesting the prime minister's support. "The main issue here is that doctors say Sharif needs to go abroad to receive treatment in the next 15 to 20 days," he said. "It's not that he needs to go abroad to get the best quality in treatment. The treatment for his ailment is only available abroad according to some of the best doctors in Pakistan.

"The treatment is found in only three countries; America, Germany and Saudi Arabia," Badami continued. "Because of Covid-19 restrictions, it's hard to make travel arrangements for a sudden trip. These arrangements can only be made on the basis of support from state institutions, not on the basis of an individual's own efforts which will only cause delay. The doctors have said it is imperative that [Sharif receives treatment] in the next two to three weeks."

Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Political Communication Shahbaz Gill was called on to the show to respond to Sharif's request. Gill expressed sorrow at the actor's predicament and assured that the government would help him.

"I'll personally relay Sharif's message to Prime Minister Imran Khan. We'll get in touch with the three countries as well. I'll make efforts to make arrangements for his treatment.

"We'll get in touch with the Saudi and German embassies first," Gill explained. "Since these countries are nearer to Pakistan, that will be an advantage. We'll also get in touch with the US. Whichever country agrees to facilitate us, we'll involve them [in Sharif's case]."

Gill also assured that the government will do whatever it can for Sharif in regards to paying for his treatment as well.

In 2017, pictures of Sharif in a hospital bed went viral on social media, starting rumours that Sharif was severely ill. In a comment to Images, Sharif's sister Khadija Mahmood had clarified that he was not suffering from a major sickness.

Sharif is a recipient of the Tamgha-e-Imtiaz for his contributions as comedian, actor and producer in the entertainment industry.