K-pop band Blackpink's Lisa releases her solo debut MV 'Lalisa'

K-pop band Blackpink's Lisa releases her solo debut MV 'Lalisa'

The MV is packed with catchy beats, English rap and some killer dance moves.
10 Sep, 2021

The moment all Blackpink fans were anticipating is finally here. Blackpink member Lisa has finally released her solo debut MV 'Lalisa' and it's packed with catchy beats, killer dance moves and rap sequences.

Blackpink is one the most recognised K-pop singing groups in the world and the group has amassed a large number of fans around the world since their debut in 2016. While the girls have released multiple albums together, there have also been solo debuts by individual members as well. Blackpink's youngest member Lisa has recently made her solo debut following members Jennie and Rosé.

The group's label YG Entertainment had announced the released of Lisa's single on social media and published various promotional content in the wake of the release.

The singer had promoted her upcoming song on her Instagram account as well.

Lisa's debut MV has been well received by fans around the world and they're taking to social media to express their love for the song.

What are your thought's on Lisa's debut single?


NYS Sep 10, 2021 12:19pm
Chrís Dăn Sep 10, 2021 12:58pm
A simply"WOW" stuff to have some kool time.
Rafia Sep 11, 2021 12:09pm
Lisaaaa rocked!!!!! I have been a fan of Blackpink since 2018 and these girls never disappoint, there isn't even one song in their discography that I like less. Blink for life<3
Dabloggers Sep 12, 2021 02:30am
Simply"Perfect" stuff to have some cool time.