Actor Zara Tareen slams Lux Style Awards for offering 'zero incentives' for supporting actors

Published 04 Sep, 2021 01:13pm

Images Staff

She pointed out the glaring absence of a 'best supporting actor' category that would reward the hard work of other actors.

Actor and photographer Zara Tareen isn't happy with the Lux Style Awards for not recognising the hard work put in by actors who play supporting roles in television.

The Lux Style Awards 2021 will soon premiere its 20th edition and has announced its nominations in the fashion, music and television categories. While the categories include the likes of 'Best Actor' and 'Best Emerging Talent', there is no category that solely recognises supporting actors for their performances, a recognition given by many established award shows world over.

Tareen recently took to social media to point out this glaring absence. She wrote a message on Instagram Stories to highlight the "zero incentive" for supporting actors to put in hard work.

"There is absolutely no incentive and zero future for supporting actors to lend their talents to this industry," the actor wrote. "If you're not going to have that category then you cannot call your category 'best actor/actress' when only lead performances are considered. It's incorrect. Call it what it is, 'best actor/actress in a leading role', or 'favourite actor/actress'. Twenty years later and the format hasn't moved beyond teen awards."

The Lux Style Awards have been the subject of criticism by various celebrities over the years. Recently actor Sonya Hussyn also called out the awards for prioritising high viewer ratings over meaningful content.

International award shows recognise the hard work of supporting cast members as well and have categories like best supporting actor or actress. Local shows also have categories awarding supporting actors. The Hum Awards has categories for best supporting actors male and female while the ARY People's Choice Awards goes so far as to award 'Favourite Actress in the Role of Bhabi' and 'Favourite Actress in a Role of Wife'. Why then can't the LSAs add two categories for best supporting actors male and female?