Yasir Hussain shares a video of Iqra singing 'Baby Shark' to their son, reminds us not to judge mothers

Published 01 Sep, 2021 11:15am

Images Staff

Never judge a mother on what she teaches her child or makes them listen to, the actor said on social media.

Actor Yasir Hussain recently posted a message about mothers on social media, reminding his followers to be wary of judging mothers on how they raise their children — or what they make their children listen to. His comment seems to be a dig at singer turned politician Abrar ul Haq for his comment about mothers playing the children's song 'Baby Shark' to their kids.

Haq made the controversial statement on August 26, criticising mothers for playing their children 'Baby Shark' on cell phones instead of reciting the Kalma to them like mothers used to do "when we were young". Haq's comment sparked a debate amongst celebrities and netizens alike on judging mothers.

Yasir, who had previously shown his disapproval of Haq's comment by supporting model Nadia Hussain's criticism of the singer, recently posted a video of wife and fellow actor Iqra Aziz singing 'Baby Shark' to their newborn son.

"Never judge a mother on how she raises a child, what she teaches them or what she makes them listen to," he wrote. "If I had witnessed the difficulty with which a mother raises her child before, I wouldn't have dared to look my own mother in the eye. A mother's place is really high. Whether it's the olden days or today, a mother is a mother. Never judge a mother."

Yasir posted another video in the same post, showing his son being played a recitation of the Holy Quran for him to listen to as well.

Celebrities like actor Ayesha Omar and singer Hadiqa Kiani couldn't help but show love and appreciation for Yasir's message.

Yasir and Aziz welcomed their baby son — little Kabir — in July.