Outrage and disbelief on Twitter as users hope Shaniera Akram's tweet consoling 'good men' was sarcasm

Published 20 Aug, 2021 12:38pm

Images Staff

As the nation stands in solidarity with the woman assaulted near Minar-e-Pakistan, Akram's tweet has everyone shaking their heads.

A recent tweet by activist Shaniera Akram has sent Twitter users on a rampage. The country was rocked after a woman was assaulted at the Greater Iqbal Park in Lahore on Independence Day by 400 men. People have been speaking up in solidarity with the woman and calling for protection of other women in Pakistan. That's why everyone was pretty confused when Akram tweeted in support of men.

"My heart goes out to all the good men of Pakistan. I’m sorry so many of your brothers have failed you," she wrote, perplexingly. The victims of the recent spate of violence against women have, very obviously, been women so it is not surprising that people are confused and angry at this tweet.

Many sarcastically agreed that yes, men are the real victims of violence against women.

Others corrected her tweet.

One user reminded her that all men benefit from the actions of bad men. "The existence of bad men grants ‘good’ men or men just doing the bare minimum awards just for being decent people," she said.

Other users made similarly helpful observations.

Some users hoped it was sarcasm and to be completely honest, we're hoping it's sarcasm too.

Some were confused about where these good men she was speaking of were.

Many just wanted her to delete the tweet or have never tweeted it at all.

Some users were just confused.

Many asked her to read the room.

"My heart goes out to every woman who still feels they need to centre men in a conversation about violence and rape culture," said one user.

"Men perpetuate and benefit from this everyday. Women are being beheaded, raped, maimed, tortured and we are still debating over 'not all men',” the user noted.

Another user highlighted this as an example of having the opportunity to combat violence but forgoing it to maintain the status quo.

One user had a response for "good men".

Some people believed she was focusing on the wrong kind of trash.

Others believed the male validation wasn't worth it.

Start policing your fellows, good men, implored one user.

We're still hoping this tweet was sarcasm that has been greatly misconstrued because this is the first time Akram has posted anything like this when it comes to harassment. If it wasn't sarcasm, then it's part of a greater problem that allows men who perpetuate acts of violence to be categorised as "the other", therefore absolving them of any blame. All men need to speak up, all men need to end cycles of violence and all men have a responsibility to call out harassment and misogyny. The time for apologies has passed and what we need now is action.