Mawra Hocane and Ahsan Khan reunite in new drama Qissa Meherbano Ka

Mawra Hocane and Ahsan Khan reunite in new drama Qissa Meherbano Ka

It's a family drama with a lot of things happening, Khan explained. The series is also launching Nauman Ejaz's son as an actor.
04 Aug, 2021

Ahsan Khan and Mawra Hocane are reuniting in a new Hum TV drama titled Qissa Meherbano Ka.

The pair last starred together in 2018's Aangan.

A Momina Duraid project, the drama has been written by Fakhra Jabeen and directed by Iqbal Hussain.

Ahsan told Images that the show is serving as an introduction for Noman Aijaz’s son Zaviyaar Naumaan Ejaz and model Khushhal Khan. The show also stars Mashal Khan, Mohammad Ahmad, Ghazala Kaifi, Zeb Rehman and Laila Zuberi.

Hum TV has already released two teasers for the drama but has not revealed when it will air yet.

Ahsan described Qissa Meherbano Ka as a family drama that is a simple story but has a lot of things happening. "Every actor has a great character," he said, adding that he believes people are going to relate to the story.

"My character has a pivotal [in the drama] but he's a character with shades of grey and a negative vibe," he said. His character is responsible for many changes in the life of Meherbano, the titular role played by Hocane.


Chrís Dăn Aug 04, 2021 01:23pm
Reference caption photograph: both actors look upset because of itchy contact lences. Their smiles are a true witness of this silent pain .
M. Saeed Aug 04, 2021 01:46pm
Whocan is no match with Ahsan. There should have been a better balance.
Ahsan Gul Aug 05, 2021 12:07am
What Ms. Hocane is wearing acceptable in our society, left naked shoulder? These artists represent our culture and must be cognizant of their appearance in the public. And what would you say if PM IK or any other MNA make a derogatory remarks? Sincerely