Ahsan Khan pays tribute to late philanthropist Abdul Sattar Edhi with a poem

Published 10 Jul, 2021 11:23am

Images Staff

Five years after his death, Pakistan mourns the loss of its "richest poor man."

Remembered as a philanthropist who founded the world's largest volunteer ambulance network, set up various homeless shelters, animal shelters, rehabilitation centres, and orphanages across Pakistan under the Edhi Foundation, Abdul Sattar Edhi passed away five years ago and is still remembered by people across the country. One such person to remember him is actor Ahsan Khan, who paid tribute to him on his death anniversary.

The Udaari star wrote a heartfelt verse on Instagram to remember Edhi's generosity and how he contributed so much to society without asking for anything in return.

"There was only one such man among us," recited Khan in a video. "There will never be another like you in years to come."

He went on to say that he wished people could learn humanity from Edhi.

"To have access to millions of dollars, and still only own two changes of clothing, and the same cramped apartment in the same cramped part of the city. To start with a single van in which he carried corpses, no matter their level of degradation. And to build the world’s largest volunteer ambulance service purely on the weight of reputation alone," he wrote, listing what was only a small part of the philanthropist's great service to the nation.

"We love you Edhi sahab. Humanity first," he added.

The founder of the Edhi Foundation passed away due to kidney failure at the age of 88 in Karachi. Even after his death, Edhi performed his last act of charity by donating his corneas. Five years after his death, Pakistan still mourns the loss of its "richest poor man."