Mehwish Hayat and her siblings are making our days better with their TikTok content

Published 16 Jul, 2021 03:55pm

Images Staff

We picked some of their best dance covers and comedy skits for you.

TikTok is where the party's at for the Hayat family. The three siblings — actors Mehwish Hayat and Danish Hayat and sister Afsheen Hayat — often take to social media to post fun TikTok videos.

Mehwish — who's known for her role in the movies Punjab Nahi Jaungi and Jawani Phir Nahi Ani — has tried lots of different TikTok trends, from tricky dance challenges to lighthearted comedy skits, and fans can't get enough. We've compiled a list of our favourite videos for you to watch.

Here's the most recent video that Mehwish and Danish shared.

There's one video by Mehwish and Afsheen that made quite a few rounds on social media during Eid-ul-Fitr in May. It's been shared here by a truly devoted fan.

Here's another one that the sisters made on TikTok.

Mehwish and Danish did this tricky looking challenge in 2020 as well during the height of the lockdown. "Don't ask how long it took me to get Danish to rehearse these steps," Mehwish wrote on Instagram. "In these difficult times, having fun with siblings and challenging each other is one of the few pleasures left. Never lose the inner child in you."

You'll find some solo content of Mehwish as well. Here's a video of the actor indulging in some cherry picking during her visit to Skardu. "My first time eating cherries straight off the tree," she wrote on Instagram. "God they were fresh and yummy. I clearly got carried away and didn't know when to stop."

While we're not sure if Mehwish made this video on the TikTok app, we're going to share it nonetheless because how could you not? We absolutely loved her take on the #aurorachallenge here.

In case you ever wondered what the siblings do in their spare time to have some fun, well now you know. You can keep your eyes on Mehwish's official TikTok account for more videos.