Coke Studio collaborates with the foreign ministry to launch a coffee table book

Published 09 Jul, 2021 04:33pm

Images Staff

The government hopes to share the spirit of "Pakistan’s true image of unity and vibrancy with the world" through the the book.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs recently collaborated with Coke Studio to launch a coffee table book titled Beyond the Wave — Transcending Boundaries.

The event was held at the Foreign Office in Islamabad on Thursday and was part of Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi’s Public Diplomacy Initiative. According to Qureshi, the collaboration "shares the spirit of Pakistan’s true image of unity and vibrancy with the world".

The evening included a performance by qawali maestros Farid Ayaz and Abu Muhammad for a signature Coke Studio touch.

The event was attended by diplomats, government officials and celebrities, including activist and model Muniba Mazari and singer-songwriter Uzair Jaswal.

The event was hyped up on social media and we had believed there would be a musical collaboration — although in retrospect, how would that work? We may have been hoping for the release of a new song but a coffee table book doesn't seem too bad of an idea either.