Mansha Pasha reveals why she didn't change her surname after her wedding

Published 07 Jul, 2021 12:31pm

Images Staff

The actor tied the knot with lawyer and activist Jibran Nasir in April.

Mansha Pasha chose to keep her surname after her marriage to lawyer and activist Jibran Nasir and in a post on social media, she recently revealed why.

It started when someone commented on a social media post and pointed out that she hadn't changed her surname.

"Yes because it's not required in Islam," Pasha wrote.

In a followup Instagram Story, she explained that she is in no way implying that she is a perfect person or Muslim. "Like everyone else reading this post, I'm full of flaws and a sinner too. But where I can, I try to do my best to improve," she said.

The Laal Kabootar actor said there is no compulsion in Islam for women to change their name after marriage.

"My religion encourages women to keep their name as their identity, and as such, I decided not to change my name after marriage," she said, adding that she in no way is judging those who have chosen to keep their husband's names. "It's a personal choice."

Pasha and Nasir's engagement was a small day affair held at his relative's house in December 2019, followed by a nikkah ceremony in April 2021.

The activist later threw Pasha the most adorable surprise anniversary party with their close friends.

Nasir has previously described Mansha as "somebody who makes me happy, somebody who helps me grow and somebody who's been an emotional cornerstone".

"That's the kind of person you want to be your partner for life. And I'm trying to do the same for her," he had said as a guest on Shehzad Ghias' podcast.

This is definitely a relationship worth celebrating.