Ramsha Khan pays tribute to Asma Nabeel and her fight for breast cancer awareness with a pink dupatta

Ramsha Khan pays tribute to Asma Nabeel and her fight for breast cancer awareness with a pink dupatta

The late screenwriter was known for advocating breast cancer awareness and prevention in Pakistan.
Updated 03 Jul, 2021

The late screenwriter Asma Nabeel was celebrated as a breast cancer survivor, fighter and prevention advocate, a legacy that actor Ramsha Khan honored by wearing a pink dupatta for #PardeyMeinParwah, a campaign on breast cancer awareness that starred Nabeel herself.

The actor took to Instagram to express her grief over Nabeel's passing, remembering her as "one of the most strong and resilient fighters of breast cancer".

In 2020, 685,000 deaths occurred globally as result of the invasive cancer. In Pakistan, breast cancer is especially prevalent amongst women.

"Every year, over 85,000+ cases of breast cancer are diagnosed in Pakistan, rating it the highest number of cases in Asia," Khan wrote.

Pink is the colour globally associated with showing support for breast cancer victims and in Khan's post, she's wearing a pink dupatta.

"This dupatta pays tribute to her bravery and other women like her and encourages women all over Pakistan to get themselves checked on time," wrote the actor.

"Often women in Pakistan shy away from getting themselves checked for breast cancer in order to protect their modesty. However, one shouldn’t have to sacrifice their health or life to protect their modesty."

Khan wore the pink dupatta as part of the #PardeymeinParwah campaign by Ali Xeeshan. The campaign video starred Nabeel herself, who was going through chemotherapy for breast cancer at the time of the shoot.

"One in every nine women in Pakistan suffers from breast cancer and almost half of them die, every year," Xeeshan had said about the campaign.

"[The] major cause being their hesitation to check themselves that can prevent the disease at an early stage. Ali Xeeshan collaborated with the pink warrior; Asma Nabeel and brought to life a dupatta that reminds you to check yourselves while safeguarding your modesty."

Retailer Generation also joined hands with Ali Xeeshan last month as part of the #PardeyMeinParwah campaign. It designed a pink dupatta and announced that it would be donating all profits from the sale of the dupatta to Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital.

Other celebrities have participated in the the #PardeyMeinParwah campaign as well. In addition to Khan, actor Hajra Yamin also posted a photo of herself sporting a pink dupatta recently.