A YouTuber harassed and intimidated women in Gujranwala and called it a 'prank'. Now he's in jail

Published 17 Jun, 2021 04:09pm

Images Staff

He manhandled and intimidated several women outside a university for not wearing dupattas.

YouTube has a lot to offer — tutorials on how to tie a tie, music videos, Ted Talks and so much more. It also has complete garbage like a video titled 'Dopatta loo Prank part 2' that makes liberal use of the word prank to harass women. But thankfully the police found his 'prank' as unfunny as we did and have arrested him.

The prankster's (read: harasser) name is Khan Ali and his account is called 'Vele Loog Khan Ali'. Vele indeed. The account should instead be titled 'The Audacity of This Man' because he has the audacity to go up to random women outside a university in Gujranwala and attempt to pay them to wear a dupatta. "You must tell your mothers, sisters and daughters to wear a dupatta," he says in Punjabi. "This isn't a prank, this is a message," he stresses.

"These girls aren't going to listen but I'm going to make them listen." Okay then.

If you were able to get through this video, we applaud you. Watching this burly man intimidate women with his words and then his size was truly revolting. That he believes it is his duty to spread this "message" is as absurd as his contention that this is funny. In the video he starts of by droning at random women to wear a dupatta and when they attempt to walk away, he pulls their arms. When they eventually get angry and ask who he is to tell them what to wear he roars "I am a Pakistani Muslim!"

No one seems to find it funny, not the women being harassed nor social media.

Let's break it down for you:

If this video was staged: IT IS NOT FUNNY.

If this video wasn't staged: IT IS NOT FUNNY.

If, as many people claim, the prank was staged — we don't think all of it was — it perpetuates the idea that this foolishness is funny. Newsflash: it's not. Harassing women is not funny, prank or not.

Some of the victims — and we definitely believe they were victims — of this man's inane sense of humour looked genuinely terrified and angry. If they were all acting, Lollywood needs to scoop up these ladies for a new drama because we haven't seen such genuine acting in a while.

Back to the "prank" — going up to women to offer them money to wear a dupatta and getting aggressive if they said no (as everyone did). Where does this man get off thinking he can do things like this? Forget how degrading it is to offer someone money to alter their attire, but a completely RANDOM man approaching you while you're walking alone and commenting on your clothes and offering you money to wear a dupatta — he's lucky they didn't push him into moving traffic.

In the video, he physically touches the women in an attempt to get their attention. The humour apparently lies in him being slapped by scared and angry women. Har har, very funny.

This video seems more like an excuse to harass women than a prank. There was no gotcha moment and none of the women laughed afterward.

In one instance, he approaches a woman and her young daughter, offering Rs500 for the mother and Rs500 for the daughter to wear dupattas. The daughter literally cowers behind her mother and they keep shifting around, trying not to get cornered by this man.

You may want to laugh this off — "it's just a joke, after all" — but remember that pranks and Pakistan don't always mix well and have resulted in the person pulling the prank or their parents being killed. Our youth are impressionable and there's a great likelihood that some of the 498,000 (and counting) views on the video are from people who admire him. They might even think it's a bright idea to recreate this 'prank'.

No one laughed here either.

Thankfully, the police didn't find the "prank" funny either and the man is now behind bars.

To top it all off, the Gujranwala RPO tweeted this picture. The man in handcuffs being led by a woman police officer. Guess she had the last laugh.

If you find this man and his antics funny, you need to reevaluate your priorities in life. We're glad he's in jail but people like him rarely learn the error of their ways. We expect that in a short while he'll be out making a part three to his foolish series.