Armeena Khan awarded for her public service in the UK

Armeena Khan awarded for her public service in the UK

The Pakistani mayor of Burnley, Lord Wajid Khan, awarded her the certificate for outstanding public service.
22 May, 2021

Bin Roye actor Armeena Khan took to Twitter to announce that she has been awarded a Certificate for Outstanding Public Service by the Mayor on Burnley in the UK.

She was awarded by the mayor of Burnley, British-Pakistani Wajid Khan. Wajid became member of the House of Lords earlier this year, and is the youngest member of the opposition. He is also the youngest man to have ever been elected to the office of mayor.

"So humbled to receive this," she said in her announcement, thanking Lord Khan and the Lady Anam Khan.

"Thank you Lord Wajid Khan and Lady Anam Khan for receiving my husband Fesl Khan and I today," she said.

She was accompanied by her husband, British-Pakistani businessman Fesl Khan. It is unclear what public service she received the certificate for but the couple have been actively promoting the Palestinian cause in the UK.

They recently hosted and attended a vigil for Palestine in Manchester.

They also entered into a partnership with others to establish Us Together UK. Under this, they strive to champion Palestinian's rights, organise events across the UK, and educate people on the matter.

Congratulations Armeena, for your achievement. We love seeing your dedication and consistent efforts for causes you believe in.