Gohar Rasheed and Osman Khalid Butt slam Gal Gadot for her support for Israel

Gohar Rasheed and Osman Khalid Butt slam Gal Gadot for her support for Israel

In a post on social media, DC's Wonder Woman said "Israel deserves to live as a free and safe nation."
17 May, 2021

What's happening in Israel is not a conflict or a war, but oppression, ethnic cleansing and terrorism at the cost of unarmed, innocent lives and Pakistani stars Gohar Rasheed and Osman Khalid Butt made sure to remind Israeli actor Gal Gadot of that.

In a post on social media, DC's Wonder Woman announced that her country was at war, praying that leaders could find a solution, and saying that "Israel deserves to live as a free and safe nation, and our neighbours deserve the same." This angered many who created an uproar on Twitter pointing out her ignorance.

Actors Rasheed and Butt were also angered and took to social media to correct her.

"Gal Gadot, your country is not at war, It has created a war," the Ishqiya star pointed out. "No patriotism is bigger than innocent people's lives and humanity and if you can’t be mindful of that being an Israeli, then it’s very evident where the problem lies. Hope you realise it soon," he added.

Butt, on the other hand, was quite furious and wasn't going to waste his time making a grown woman realise what was happening around her was one-sided tyranny.

"Read the room, and a f'ng newspaper," he slammed.

The ongoing crisis, and the discussions around it, have reminded us that a big part of addressing and resolving conflicts is how we view them. It is crucial to present facts and narrate issues as they are, instead of sugarcoating words to fit a socio-cultural and political narrative.

Gadot is not the only one supporting Israeli and its human rights violations. Previously, Kangana Ranaut too chose to be pro war-mongering in a series of Islamophobic tweets.

Singer Rihanna chose to stay neutral and ignorant as her message of peace neither addressed the inequality of suffering between the two sides; nor the fact that Israeli forces are currently armed to the teeth, with cutting edge military technology, while Palestinian bombs are just rocks and stones, falling clumsily after striking Israeli tanks.

It is certainly not a war, and the suffering is certainly not equal.


zebswati May 17, 2021 01:33pm
OK! Peace for all. "Palestine also deserves to live as a free and safe nation."
Daredevil May 17, 2021 02:17pm
We loved her.
Amin May 17, 2021 02:20pm
What is the genesis of the problem ? Who gave the west the right to bring in the Jews from all over the world and create a country for them in Palestine ? Why wasn't it created in UK ? Why the inequality ? Israel is provided military aid by all the international terrorists but Palestinians are denied even the basice humanitarian facilities. And the list goes on.
truth May 17, 2021 02:31pm
hope she reads it and lucky if she responds to u guys. cross fingers till then for ur fame
Shiraz May 17, 2021 02:48pm
Israel is her homeland and she is supporting it. Like we support our country. Nothing to bother about. Palestine is fighting for land... will never win.
Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad May 17, 2021 02:53pm
No justice, no peace.
Talha May 17, 2021 03:38pm
Gal is an ex-army women, served in israel. her statement depicts her bias towards israel, its natural, as not so long ago she used to be one of those oppressing innocent Palestinians, the reason i stopped liking her hollywood career.
Daniel Pearl May 17, 2021 03:47pm
Atleast she's not a hypocrite like these two bit actors on the lookout for any type of fame.
farooq hussain May 17, 2021 04:34pm
We pakistanis can't do anything to support our words. Can't bycott french products, American products, Indian products etc to give a little bit of financial hit to those oppressing us. We can't stop watching gal Gadot movies as a nation, without realizing that we are a major source of support & revenue for her. Let's have a spine and spirit to reply in a non violent way. And remember, financial hit is the worst.
Ahsan Gul May 17, 2021 06:14pm
You guys just wanted to be in the news. Honestly I even don’t know you! Sincerely
DR May 17, 2021 08:03pm
Cancel culture is so ridiculous. Her message was literally praying for the peace of her country and its neighbours, not only for her country. Nowdays you can't say anything because these clowns will always see the problem in anything you say and will get you "cancelled." We should join Gal Gadot in praying for the peace instead.
UHD May 17, 2021 11:54pm
She has a right to well wish for her country same as you have for your country. Who are you to slam her for loving her own country ?
UHD May 17, 2021 11:56pm
@Amin Because they are not terrorists ! They are civil .
Lisa May 18, 2021 02:39pm
@zebswati you. Come visit Israel. You will anderstand how wrong you are. You are fooled by the Hamas fake news. Judge us on facts and not on fakes
Jo May 18, 2021 04:35pm
Every person has the right to love their own nation. We're hypocritical in criticising Israeli citizens which includes Arabs too.
Memon Abdul May 19, 2021 06:23am
@Amin hey Canada has a lot of uninhabited land, why not there? Of all the places they were planted in an already congested middle east and positioned to lead biotech and weapons research? Weird! No wait, if the market is there then the factory should be there too no?
Zulfiqar May 19, 2021 08:14pm
@Lisa a fake entity like israel built on a lie by usurping others land. No need to explain anything.