Ali Gul Pir unites with Babar Mangi for his first Sindhi song

Published 17 May, 2021 10:40am

Images Staff

'Ghareeban Ja Khwab' uses political commentary to tell the story of two Sindhi farmers, and their dreams.

Ali Gul Pir is back with his second song in two months. The new song is in his native Sindhi language and is a collaboration with singer Babar Mangi. Called 'Ghareeban Ja Khwab', it really doesn't need a translation.

The 'Waderai Ka Beta' singer released the new song with Mangi, an up and coming Sindhi rapper gaining fame and fan following rapidly. The music video is shot across different locations in Sindh, showing the setting regular farmers find themselves living in. In addition to the two singers, other Sindhis also feature in the video, smiling and singing along. The music video on YouTube offers an English translation for non-Sindhi listeners who want to understand the song.

The song follows the story of two farmers in conversation, which begins at a farm. The conversation starts with some political commentary, as the two discuss corrupt politicians, and Mangi suggests he can do it better. As the conversation progresses, we are exposed to their aspirations in life. Aspirations of rising from rags to riches, of living a lavish life and enjoying the luxuries of private planes and big cars.

Pir made the announcement for his song on Instagram a day before the release. "Ghareeban Ja Khwab is my first Sindhi song so I am really excited to try something new," he said.

Mangi had also announced the song on Instagram, asking his followers if they're ready.

We really enjoyed the song and believe it is an interesting insight into the lives and aspirations of farmers in rural Sindh. We're glad they're getting the representation they deserve.