Moms, Hira Mani knows just how you feel when your kids finally go to sleep

Published 12 May, 2021 04:21pm

Images Staff

She shared the delight a mother feels when her child is sleeping and not whining.

Meray Paas Tum Ho star Hira Mani uploaded an adorable Instagram story with her son Muzammil fast asleep on her. Running her hand through his hair, she admitted something we feel most if not all mothers with young children can relate to: "When the children sleep silently is the best time."

This is a sentiment that we've heard our own mothers share. Only later, as we grew up, did we understand just how right they were, and just how annoying we were.

"Otherwise they're always on about wanting one thing or the other, something about this friend, something about that friend. Then there's Fortnite," Mani said.

Fortnite — a word most the world's mothers have probably come to hate. It's all the kids play these days it seems and this addiction has probably worsened over the course of the pandemic.

Do your kids complain about their younger siblings? Do they never stop fighting? Well, that's something Mani can relate to as well. She said the relationship between her kids Muzammil and Ibrahim is much like any other siblings.

"Then other times, he's complaining we're not good parents," she said of her son.

Well, mothers, you're united in the annoyance your little ones cause you. We're aware you love them immensely, but as loud little humans wreaking havoc when awake, it's sometimes best to take joy in the moments they're asleep.