Up your clothes game this Eid with these saris with a twist

Up your clothes game this Eid with these saris with a twist

Why be boring when you can be Hira Mani a T-shirt blouse?
11 May, 2021

You may have to stay home this Eid but that doesn't mean your Eid clothes have to be boring.

This year, why not try out a twist on a traditional sari? Or stick to the traditional.

Hira Mani's T-shirt blouse

We weren't initially sure how we felt about Hira Mani's T-shirt blouse but then, why not? Mani's take on a casual sari has been inspiring others.

Ayesha Omar did it.

So did this blogger.

And to be honest, it's growing on us.

Abeer Rizvi's turtleneck blouse

A turtleneck with a sari? Yes, please.

Somehow, wearing a turtleneck made this sari look 10 times more glamorous than it already did.

Farah Dukhai's embellished maternity shoot blouse

Beauty guru Farak Dukhai wore a sari for her pregnancy photoshoot. She wanted to be Princess Jasmine and she nailed it. But it's got us wondering why we don't wear sari blouses with jewels embellished on them. What's stopping us?

Shanzaay Sheikh's uber glam Amit Aggarwal

Fashionista Shanzaay Sheikh nailed this unconventional sari look. Though it's quite glam for Eid, you have to wear your fancy clothes somewhere. Now we might not all be able to get our hands on saris by Indian designer Amit Aggarwal, but we could take notes on pinning our saris differently and experimenting with cloth.

Staying in doesn't mean being boring. Let us know what you plan to wear this Eid in the comments below.