Overseas Pakistanis and locals go head to head on Twitter again

Published 08 May, 2021 09:23pm

Images Staff

In the latest rift, locals remind their overseas compatriots of how much they too would love Pakistan from a distance.

Locals and the Pakistani diaspora have had multiple face-offs over the years and the topic of their disagreements are often reflective of how separated and removed overseas Pakistanis are from the situation back home in what has become a familiar yet exoticised vacation spot for them.

Overseas Pakistanis often sing praises of the Pakistani state and government and often form their opinions based on sensationalised news reports. For them, there's a sense of romance attached to home and they often view Pakistan with a certain sense of guilty patriotism or defensive nationalism.

Locals contest their assertions and mostly view the diaspora as those with no idea of what's happening at home, but seeking to contribute with claims that contradict the reports from those living through it.

The latest rift began after Prime Minister Imran Khan, who enjoys considerable support among Pakistanis abroad, took note of complaints against the mission in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

A presidential ordinance was also recently passed to install the technology necessary to help the diaspora take part in local elections. Overseas Pakistanis were overjoyed on Twitter.

Similar tweets started populating Pakistani feeds. The locals got a sniff of it, and they weren't going to let this slide.

They, again, reminded the diaspora of their distance from home.

Well...that's true though

Journalist Afia Salam made them an offer.

Or you could be as straightforward as this user.

Do not contradict those that are living through the situation in Pakistan, insists this user.

Is this the last of the diaspora versus local rift? Probably not. Will the diaspora finally get the point? Probably not. Is this the last time we're going to write an article on this issue? Probably not.