Celebrities from both sides of the border send prayers as India's Covid situation worsens

Celebrities from both sides of the border send prayers as India's Covid situation worsens

As Sushmita Sen arranges oxygen cylinders, Faisal Edhi offers Modi assistance.
Updated 23 Apr, 2021

As India buckles under the newest wave of Covid, its hospitals are short staffed, oxygen supply is scarce and the nation is collectively panicking. The situation is dire and stars from both sides of the border are speaking up and encouraging people not to lose hope.

The surge in cases, blamed on a new virus variant and the government allowing “super spreader” public events to go ahead, saw another 330,000 new infections and 2,000 deaths reported in the past 24 hours. India has also recorded the world's highest single-day increase in Covid cases with 314,835 new daily cases.

Bollywood celebrities highlight the gravity of the situation

Sonam Kapoor shared guides on how to navigate emergency situations at home. The Neerjha star made sure to add details regarding how to care for a Covid patient at home, as well as at the hospital; including a guide on how to donate plasma to those in need.

"It can be hard to navigate hospitals and medicine/equipment sourcing in distressing times when your loved one is battling the virus at the hospital," she wrote, sharing a crowdsourced guide with some helpful resources on her profile.

Similarly, Priyanka Chopra went on to share precautions, begging people to stay home and discussing ways that could help ease the pressure on the medical system in their country.

Urmila Matondkar shared a clip on the importance of addressing the issue at hand rather than engaging in discussions on corporate giants.

"The world suffers a lot. Not because of the violence of bad people. But because of the silence of good people: Napoleon. Thank you Dushyant Dave for speaking up for those who can't, who don't or who won't," she wrote.

Katrina Kaif, who recently tested positive for Covid-19, let the numbers do the talking, as she shared Covid emergency ambulances and ward room details for patients in critical conditions.

Similarly, Shah Rukh Khan's daughter Suhana Khan, who is currently studying filmmaking in New York, was keeping close tabs on the devastating situation in her country, reminding people how grave the situation had become.

Main Hoon Na star Sushmita Sen managed to arrange a few oxygen cylinders, asking for help transporting them to areas that needed urgent aid.

"This is deeply heartbreaking... oxygen crisis is everywhere. I have managed to organise a few oxygen cylinders for this hospital but have no way to transport it to Delhi from Mumbai... please help me find a way," she wrote.

Pakistani stars warn that we could be next

Sanam Baloch shared a devastating clip on her social media, saying this was a lesson to be learnt for Pakistan and an opportunity to plan ahead in times of crisis.

"Please listen carefully. We should plan for Pakistan. We must learn from these countries. They have done a mistake, but we should plan for that in advance," she warned.

Osman Khalid Butt was devastated at the situation, asking people in Pakistan to be cautious and not use being vaccinated as a reason to be any less cautious.

"Gut-wrenching visuals from India - the Covid crisis is deepening. Sending prayers that the nation comes out of this. Please, everyone, mask up. Don't let the idea that we're vaccinated (or going to be soon) allow you to let your guard down. Observe all SOPs. Save lives," he said.

Author Fatima Bhutto shared a BBC documentary on what was happening in India, in order to spread awareness and urge people to be cautious.

Singer Momina Mustehsan encouraged Pakistan to set its differences with India aside and come to the aid of their neighbours.

"As cases in India soar to highest global daily and second highest in total, it is bound to put strain on resources. This is humanity vs the virus. Our battle against Covid is also intensifying, but can we share to help our neighbours?" she asked.

Edhi Foundation offers help

Faisal Edhi, the son of late philanthropist Abdul Sattar Edhi and chairman of the Edhi Foundation, penned a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, offering help in managing the crisis in their country.

He said the Edhi Foundation sympathised with India during this difficult time and offered help in the form of "a fleet of 50 ambulances along with our services to assist you in addressing, and further circumventing, the current health conditions."

A gesture of goodwill and peace without expectation of political gain or profit in return, the letter was proof that humanity transcends borders.


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Fastrack Apr 23, 2021 05:03pm
Disguised Indians like M. Emad would find time to spread negativity here as well. Even RSS would be ashamed.
Fastrack Apr 23, 2021 05:05pm
Many of Indian celebrities have fled to Maldives or New York, earning flak from their battered public for posting 'fun' pictures.
bhaRAT© Apr 23, 2021 05:06pm
* Wear mask * Keep distance * Wash hands often * Don't attend political rallies and congregations Simple precautions, no rocket science!
bhaRAT© Apr 23, 2021 05:28pm
The Supreme Court of India has called this a "national emergency". This is beyond an emergency. It is a "complete collapse of the goddamn system", as one of India's leading virologists says. In hotspots like Delhi and Mumbai, life, itself, is now a privilege.
Jawwad Apr 23, 2021 06:31pm
India is paying for the atrocities it committed on minorities.
M. Saeed Apr 23, 2021 06:47pm
If an infected person wears mask and moves around on his daily routines, he is estimated to infect 59 healthy people in a day. If all of those 59 people were also wearing masks, they would not get infected. The end result is, 99% protection from infection from Covid-19. A much better result than any known vaccine around.
Saif Zulfiqar Apr 23, 2021 06:49pm
@Fastrack M.Emad is Bangladeshi and not Indian.
Shazeb abrar Apr 23, 2021 08:21pm
Ehdi foundation focus on own people rather pleasing enemy.
None Apr 23, 2021 09:09pm
This will reduce population.
Najam Apr 23, 2021 10:39pm
We do not wish this upon anyone. Hope our neighbours recover fast from this wave. Prayers
Rdeal Fasttrack Apr 23, 2021 10:44pm
@Jawwad Then why COVID is in Pakistan also.
Satyajit Apr 23, 2021 10:58pm
@Jawwad really? and what is Pakistan paying for?
ShadowLugia Apr 23, 2021 11:14pm
@Jawwad half of the people died are from minority community. Are u happy now?
annie Apr 24, 2021 12:08am
@Jawwad ...India is paying for the atrocities it committed on minorities. You mean....India, China, Italy, Spain, Brazil, USA .... all these countries which are affected COVID have committed on minorities. That means PAKISTAN has 'ZERO" cases.. they have never committed on minorities. Tell me how many churches and temples do you have in you country ?
Uzair Apr 24, 2021 01:28am
No treatment measures will compare to masks, and reduced indoors public interactions.
Atif khan Apr 24, 2021 01:59am
Its now have become fashion for celebrities to show up on social media with see stay hole stay this excercise thats how we wash dishes.what the hell. If you people care donate millions out of billions you have earned to help the poor who doesnt even know what multivitamins are.
Vijay Apr 24, 2021 02:40am
"Long Live M.Emad" !
Sami Apr 24, 2021 03:26am
@Saif Zulfiqar, he is indian but pretending to be a Bengali.
Hansoti sh Apr 24, 2021 03:53am
@Shazeb abrar EDHI foundation is about suffering innocent powerless HUMANITY. Politically they may be our enemies, but we share a common father.
alli Apr 24, 2021 03:54am
@Fastrack .... He (Emad) is Bangladeshi (Pak hater)
Ali Mehdi Apr 24, 2021 03:54am
At least our PM isn’t leading mass rallies unlike modi who recently lead the huge crown in kumbh mela. These are acts that’s called criminal negligence.
Btw Apr 24, 2021 04:16am
Pakistani star looks hundreds of times better than the Indians in the picture.
Ibrahim S Apr 24, 2021 05:42am
@bhaRAT© Does it include Kumbh Mela and indoor Tarawees and iftars
Zak Apr 24, 2021 06:15am
Remove Modi and India will survive.
Zak Apr 24, 2021 06:17am
@Saif Zulfiqar @Fastrack M.Emad is Bangladeshi and not Indian. An Indian masquerading as Bangladeshi. His comments give it away.
Zak Apr 24, 2021 06:17am
@None This will reduce population. The Brahmins.
pa99 Apr 24, 2021 07:44am
Fastrack Show some compassion and say something positive for a change.
Goodboy Apr 24, 2021 08:07am
China will have to pay for this pay very dearly
Ali da Malanga Apr 24, 2021 08:14am
Hindustan has foreign reserves of around USD 500 Billion. What good are those reserves if they cannot be used to provide healthcare facilities to its citizens?
Pinky Apr 24, 2021 08:29am
Good for nothing celebrities.
Fast comment Apr 24, 2021 09:37am
The celebrities are in unison to pray. The people of both sides extremely friendly. The fault line lies in political mind sets, they prefer votes by seedlings hate, biased, prejudices. The hawks on both sides are narrow minded. Despite difficulties back channel diplomacy is working well. Continue back channel diplomacy, in national interests.
Aamir Alvi Apr 24, 2021 11:07am
@Saif Zulfiqar And Pakistani should care - WHY???????
Mahmood Apr 24, 2021 11:23am
@Btw yuo bro. I was mesmerised when I saw the young lady between two indian celebs. Is she Momena? How pretty she is!
Kiwi Apr 24, 2021 04:01pm
Indian government allowed rallies, festivals and what not and now they are bearing the fruit of those mistakes. Should not come a s a surprise.
Haque Apr 26, 2021 02:35pm
Prayers for India. Get well soon.
Jigen Apr 26, 2021 05:07pm
This is because of large gatherings like Khumbh mela and political rallies in Bengal.
Asad Apr 28, 2021 02:41pm
We need to learn our fellow country India as they are in a difficult state. India should wear masks all the time