Aagha Ali calls on the government to cancel exams

Aagha Ali calls on the government to cancel exams

He is one of many celebrities who have been vocal in their support for Pakistan's students.
Updated 23 Apr, 2021

The third wave of the coronavirus is heightening the anxieties of students across Pakistan, who are getting celebrity support to encourage the government to cancel the annual CAIE exams scheduled to take place from May. The latest big name to speak up about the issue is actor Aagha Ali.

Using social media to highlight the issue, the Mere Bewafa actor spoke about how he had been receiving thousands of requests from students and he fully empathised with their situation.

"Almost all institutes, schools and colleges have been closed and we all know how useful online classes have been," Ali said, reiterating how the new wave of the virus was deadly. "Is this risk really worth it?" he questioned.

He requested the government to postpone the exams or test students based on their previous records. "The whole country is going through a lot of pressure and it's only giving students mental stress," he pleaded on their behalf.

Ali is not the only celebrity to speak up for Pakistan's students. Previously, musician Asim Azhar also stood in solidarity with them.

He used the trending hashtag #Examscancelkaro and explained how the unfortunate situation has affected students' study routines, with most educational institutions still unable to cover their entire syllabus.

Waqar Zaka also spoke up, only, his words of support read more like a threat.

"You will regret it," the former Living On the Edge had warned Education Minister Shafqat Mahmood when he announced that exams would be held per schedule.

Activist Jibran Nasir has also been at the centre of these protests, listing down all the reasons why holding examinations in the country is extremely unsafe.

"Entire cities may need to be shutdown but exams must take place despite a safer alternative offered by the examiner itself because: 1) Govt doesn't care, 2) Govt has incentives not known to students, 3) Both?" he questioned.

The students are currently posting all updates on a new Instagram page called Cancel CIAE exams 2021, which has amassed around 49.4K followers.


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M. Saeed Apr 23, 2021 12:55pm
A student can only appear in his exams, if he is alive and healthy. Now, what gets priority?
Ymir Apr 23, 2021 01:28pm
Government's policy of lockdown has disturbed the education system. So just open the school regularly so that next badge of students won't suffer.
michael Apr 23, 2021 01:36pm
He is setting wrong example. Students as everyone else should continue working for the best and keep aiming high.
michael Apr 23, 2021 01:39pm
the new generation must learn to deal with uncertainties in these challenging times and keep achieving whatever available within the mean and circumstances. Students should remain focussed
Memon Abdul Apr 23, 2021 02:02pm
First off an, "actor" has no place to comment on anything related education...secondly there are ample electronic resources available for those who wanted to study, to have studied... since these are widely acknowledged "tough times, " the examiners will be more forgiving than ever before. So no, an "actor" CANNOT comment on eduction, and if for some reason one decides to do so, kindly attach qualification titles with your name. Are you a phd.? A certified education consular? Or what? So we can establish the legitimacy of your thought process. P. S. To Agha Saab - PLEASE ALSO STOP MAKING PUBLIC ATTEMPTS AT SINGING!
Ahsan Gul Apr 23, 2021 02:48pm
You need to concentrate on your own profession. Let government do it’s own job. Stop publicity stunts! Sincerely
Fatema Imani Apr 23, 2021 04:29pm
Shafqat Mahmood is education minister, not information minister. Please make the correction.