Sunita Marshall says she and the director made a 'bhund' in Khuda Aur Muhabbat 3

Published 22 Apr, 2021 11:51am

Images Staff

Viewers pointed out inconsistencies in her character and she has owned up to the errors.

Model and actor Sunita Marshall has admitted that she and the director of Khuda Aur Muhabbat 3 made a mistake while shooting the series.

She recently appeared in an online interview with Aamna Isani, whose eagle eye caught an inconsistency in Marshall's character.

Marshall’s character Sahiba is shown as a religious individual in the show. The family she marries into is shown to be a typical conservative one, where the men and women have different rooms and do not spend a lot of time together. Her patriarchal father-in-law sits at the head of the dining table, and all the women wear a dupatta on their heads even inside the house. In scenes that are shot in public, Sahiba is shown wearing a burqa. For example, in one scene where she goes to a train station, she wears a burqa, as Isani pointed out.

The inconsistency comes when the character is shown at her new home, where she lives with her husband’s religious family. The mother-in-law is shown to take a dupatta on her head inside the house, even while eating at the dining table for example. Sahiba, however, is seen not wearing a dupatta at the same dining table, even when her father-in-law sits less than a foot away from her. Fans of the show pointed out that this doesn’t make sense, and in such a household, this isn’t regular.

"Is this Sunita the model stepping into Sunita the actor's territory?" Isani asked Marshall. The star denied that and said it was a mistake, an inconsistency that she and the director had reflected on after the show.

“In the show, we see the household is a very conventional sort," noted Isani, then proceeding to ask, "While everyone else in the household take a dupatta, the sister-in-law [Marshall’s character] often does not. Even in the household, in front of the father in law. How is this possible?

Several people have asked this question. This is an anomaly, how is this possible?" she said.

In true Karachi style, Marshall's word of choice to describe this was ‘bhund’.

She said it was just something that she and the team missed. Which is odd, she said, because the director was very particular. From the general costumes, to the tiniest of details, the director was very careful about his vision. She said they often reshot entire scenes if something as small as a ring was missing from an actor’s hand.

"No, no, it's not Sunita the model stepping into Sunita the actor's territory," she remarked laughingly.

The 2021 TV show Khuda Aur Muhabbat 3 is still airing and its 10th episode came out some six days ago. The show stars Iqra Aziz, Feroze Khan and Junaid Khan.