Young Swat residents to release their own Pashto version of Ertugrul after Eid

Published 19 Apr, 2021 12:52pm

Fazal Khaliq

They were inspired by the Turkish series and wanted Pashto speakers to be able to watch it too.

A Pashto version of the first season of popular Turkish historical series Dirilis Ertugrul is going to be released after Eidul Fitr by a group of Swat-based YouTubers.

The young group is from Odigram, a historical town of Swat valley, and said they were inspired by the Turkish history series after PTV started broadcasting an Urdu dubbed version.

The group is shooting at different locations in the Swat valley, with a majority of the scenes being shot at the seventh century archaeological site of Raja Gira Castle and 11th century Mahmood Ghaznavi Mosque, both of which are in Odigram town.

Muhmmad Abbas, who plays Ertugrul Ghazi, is also the producer of the drama. He is studying for his BS Mathematics degree at the Government Post Graduate Jahanzeb College and said that when he and his friends watched the Turkish series during the first wave of Covid-19, they were impressed by the story and action.

“It impressed us so much that we decided to remake the series in Pashto language with our own resources,” he told Dawn, adding that they collected their pocket money and made wooden swords, axes, shields as well as jackets with low-cost materials but they were not durable.

Later, they made iron swords and leather jackets copied from the original Turkish series. “I also work as a tailor after school so I know how to sew the jackets. Now we are such experts in making the dresses that we receive orders from different parts of the country,” he said.

Abbas said they shoot the scenes every Friday, which is their picnic day. “We collect money and arrange for good food including biryani or other dishes for the shooting day. So, we shoot the scenes and have fun,” he said.

The young men working in the drama are either students or shopkeepers and for them, Friday is the most convenient day to shoot since it's their day off.

He said that some roles were given according to the looks of their friends while others chose their roles themselves. “We have almost completed the video shooting for one season for which we received offers from different editing companies but we will do the editing ourselves,” he said.

The drama team said they wanted to show the glorious history of Muslims to Pashto speaking people by making the drama in Pashto language.

Noorullah, the man who plays Turgut in the series, said he loved the role of Turgut and also chose to play the role in the Pashto version. “When I watched the Turkish Ertugrul TV series, it really motivated me to make one in Pashto. I love Turgut and I chose to play his role,” he said.

He said his group made other short videos but nobody noticed them. When they started shooting Ertugrul in Pashto and shared clips on social media, they attracted the attention of people from across the world.

The team said they will also make films on their own historical heroes if they were provided support and story ideas.