Sharing couple pictures on Instagram doesn't make Hina Altaf happy

Updated 17 Apr, 2021 01:21pm

Images Staff

She wants everyone to do what makes them happy.

Dil-e-Gumshuda star Hina Altaf's fans are dying to see more pictures of her with her husband and co-star Aagha Ali but neither of them post too many couple pictures. When asked why, she replied with, "Having [an on display] professional life yet a personal life which is not on display all the time keeps me happy."

She offered some more detail about her decision, saying, "I don't feel like posting anything or everything about our lives." She credited her lack of desire to do so to people's judgmental behaviour, nasty comments and their tendency to assume things. She admitted that at times these things don't feel good.

She did, however, refrain from giving anyone a ready-made solution.

"This is not a suggestion to anyone," she said, continuing, "You are the boss of your life. So you better do only what makes you happy."

That's solid advice and we totally back that. Without commenting on Altaf's decision, we appreciate her honesty about it. If something doesn't work for her and prompts reactions from people that she does not appreciate, she has all the right in the world to stop doing it. Same goes for you, as she rightfully noted. Do what you have to to be happy.

In May 2020, Ali and Altaf got married in one of Pakistan's several celebrity, and otherwise, COVID-19 marriages. They announced their nikkah via social media.

You can see Altaf on your TV screens as Nasreen Zahra in currently airing drama Dil Na Umeed Toh Nahi. Ali will appear as Yasir for 7th Sky Entertainment's Dikhawa season 2 soon.