Aisha Linnea got married in an intimate ceremony. Should you do the same?

Updated 15 Apr, 2021 02:35pm

Images Staff

The actor-filmmaker listed the benefits of her smaller wedding. Also, don't search for her husband online.

Filmmaker Aisha Linnea is married and believes she has lessons to teach. She announced her marriage in an Instagram post, sharing heartfelt details about, what she called, an intimate wedding ceremony. Her lesson is one of making wedding ceremonies more humble and intimate.

"I got married earlier this year in a tiny ceremony held in my parent's garden," she announced. "It was extremely liberating in terms of time, money and stress not to have to plan the perfect day months on end," she expressed her delight at having a simple 'perfect day'.

We're glad Linnea chose to speak about this, not because we believe there is some inherently good in having humble ceremonies, but because with all these cameras and filters and social media platforms there is just too much talk of the materialistically curated 'perfect day'.

The same extravagant weddings are recreated and repeated with little innovation. Any individual's perfect day now look just like anyone else's. It's the same perfect day, over and over again.

And while if that's your choice, we respect that, why are we not over 'the perfect day'?

"I didn't feel the need to strive for perfection because I already knew it would be perfect based on the person I was choosing to marry," she said.

The couple got married in an intimate ceremony where they were accompanied by their 'wonderful' immediate family members, two of their closest friends, and the groom's grandmother. Speaking about the small guest list, she said, "The intimate setting allowed for us to write meaningful vows and speak freely." She continued, saying, "We wept and laughed and wept some more and it was really the happiest day imaginable."

Smaller ceremonies won't just save you money, they'll also save time and trouble and make it easier for you enjoy yourself. Compare having far fewer complicated arrangements versus having tonnes of intricate details about how every minute thing should be, obsessively monitoring to match your vision. While it is, of course, your choice entirely, there's one option that looks enticingly refreshing and far less stressful.

Speaking on the arrangements for her wedding, the Slackistan actor said, "I had simple clothes made to match a dupatta my mother-in-law already had for me, did my own hair and makeup". In her only 15-minute meeting with the organisers, she said her only real instruction was, "No gold sofa and just make it look pretty in the budget I have!"

The people she thanked at the end included her husband, whom she insists we don't go looking for on the internet because he's not on social media. She thanked him for being 'the most unique, hilarious, supportive and wonderful person' she has ever met.

The pandemic has forced many people to opt for smaller weddings and there's something to be said for the casual intimacy of a smaller function. You get to be with the people you love, cut out a lot of the fuss and celebrate what a wedding is truly about — two people getting married.