Hania Aamir claps back at a fan who unfollowed her for 'crossing her limits'

Hania Aamir claps back at a fan who unfollowed her for 'crossing her limits'

Says genuine people are few and far in between and those that are are mocked for being vulnerable.
15 Apr, 2021

As actor Hania Aamir hit four million followers on Instagram, she took to social media to address the hate she receives and how being genuine is rare these days.

“You know what’s really sad? This world has only a handful of people left who are real and genuine. And those who are, are always really scared,” the Dil Ruba star began in a series of Instagram Stories posted on Wednesday night.

“This is because people address them with weird names ‘oh he’s such a show-off etc etc’, when they’re only trying to be as authentic as possible. All they’re doing is, keeping the child in them alive. It's vulnerability, it's innocence, and not trying to be something they’re not.”

She said these people want nothing but happiness for themselves and those around them. “So it doesn’t make any sense to hate on them man,” she said, revealing how she had just read comments where someone had unfollowed her because she was “crossing her limits.”

“What are you talking about man?” she asked the former follower. “All I talk about it is love and respect and coexisting with different opinions. That’s it. I love you all, man. Don’t miss out on my content, what are you doing?!” she laughed.

Aamir then sent a shoutout to everyone who was being themselves and laughing out loud “despite the fact that people are hating on them because you are rays of sunshine, rainbows and unicorns. You do you.. let the unfollowers unfollow.”

Soon after, she posted a picture celebrating four million followers on Instagram.

“I love each every one of you! Even the trolls,” she said. You do you, Hania Aamir, don't let the haters stop you from being a ray of sunshine on our Instagram feeds.