Dwayne Johnson would run for US president if people want him

Dwayne Johnson would run for US president if people want him

He has been considering a White House bid for several years.
13 Apr, 2021

Fast & Furious star Dwayne Johnson said on Monday that he would run for US president if he felt he had enough support from Americans.

Johnson, 48, one of the highest-paid and most popular actors in the United States, has been flirting with a possible White House bid for several years.

“I do have that goal to unite our country and I also feel that if this is what the people want, then I will do that,” Johnson said when asked about his presidential ambitions in an interview broadcast on the Today show on Monday.

The former professional wrestler did not say which party he would represent or when he might launch any bid for the White House.

His remarks follow an online public opinion poll released last week by consumer trends company Piplsay that found some 46% of Americans would consider voting for Johnson.

Johnson, known as “The Rock,” said he was humbled by the poll.

“I don’t think our Founding Fathers EVER envisioned a six-four, bald, tattooed, half-Black, half-Samoan, tequila drinking, pick-up truck driving, fanny-pack wearing guy joining their club — but if it ever happens it’d be my honour to serve you, the people,” he said in an Instagram post.

Johnson, whose work includes the rebooted Jumanji movie franchise and the TV show Young Rock, joins a long list of American celebrities who have run for political office, including former Apprentice star Donald Trump.

Magic Mike actor Matthew McConaughey and former Olympic champion Caitlyn Jenner are reported to be weighing potential runs for governor in Texas and California respectively.


Solomon The King Apr 13, 2021 04:55pm
the US do need a new sheriff,,,,,hope he is not visioning his Walking Tall
PMD Apr 13, 2021 06:51pm
Good idea. Rock can pick Kenye West as running mate!
Uzair Apr 13, 2021 06:52pm
People who come from a critical service background are better for leadership positions. Examples would include military, police, fire dept, medicine and even law. People from fields that are not remotely related to the idea of service to people in their time of critical need, like actors or business people have not been brought up with the mindset of service, and prioritizing things of basis of importance and urgency, and with concept of sacrifice and action in the best interest of people. Career politicians are important, as they know all ins and outs, strengths, weaknesses, and other information better than anyone else. They should be there, but not at the top.
Browngirl Apr 13, 2021 07:06pm
Who wouldn't want to vote for the Rock, The People's Champ.
Zak Apr 13, 2021 11:57pm
The Rock, rocks. Go for it.
Woz Apr 14, 2021 12:49am
@Uzair Leadership at PSUs like PIA and PSM, undermine what you say.
Andherr Nagri Apr 14, 2021 01:16am
Does he have a clue how to run a country, or is he going to beat everyone into submission if things go wrong? And I suppose if Ronald Reagan can become President anyone can.
Ibrahim S Apr 14, 2021 03:12am
Can we request him to run for PM in Pakistan , there are lots of people in the country who need a heavy hand to discipline them
Amin Arab Apr 14, 2021 08:38am
lol there is not one capable person to run for US presidency.
Salman Apr 14, 2021 09:43am
Didn't they just have a guy from WWE in the whitehouse? If indeed 'The Rock' decides to run, he should prepare for all forms of dirt and slander regarding his past coming his way soon (from unpaid parking tickets to inappropriate encounters).