It's raining doppelgängers on Twitter for Pakistani celebrities

Updated 13 Apr, 2021 03:23pm

Images Staff

From Jibran Nasir to Ahad Raza Mir, which one is your favourite?

Did you think Jibran Nasir was one of a kind? Think again.

We all know him for his activism but now people are talking about him online for a very different reason.

It all started when a user on Twitter pointed out the similarities between Nasir and Adrian Pimento — a character from US TV series Brooklyn Nine Nine.

We have to say, the resemblance is uncanny!

Even the PM wasn't spared.

However, this isn't the first time the internet has made comparisons. Previously, Karan Johar's Guilty star Gurfateh Singh Pirzada was compared to our very own Ahad Raza Mir.

Rozi Khan, a waiter in Rawalpindi, had also become an internet sensation for his uncanny resemblance to Game of Thrones star Peter Dinklage.

Iqra Aziz's doppelgänger had her own sister confused. When Noor, an architect from Lebanon recorded a chirpy video singing in the car, she had no idea it would lead her straight to a twin halfway across the world.

Even Lala was on the list when Pakistani Twitter started noticing the striking similarities between him and Supernatural star Jensen Ackles.

Which celebrity lookalike is your favourite?