Updated 09 Apr, 2021

Twitter's going haywire over Express Entertainment's currently airing TV series Oye Motti and we we want to clear the air about the show. Not because we have any vested interest in the TV show, or correcting the public, but simply because it's gone on too long with no one trying to confirm their (faulty) assumptions.

The entire meltdown originates from one video: the promo for episode nine of Oye Motti.

It sounds pretty awful and not PC at all on its own, but that's the point: it is not meant to be viewed on its own.

People are mad though.

Like, really mad.

Like, really really mad.

Like, really really get the point.

To be fair though, we knew we'd failed as a country long before the idea for this drama was even conceived.

The ninth episode of the show, starring Kanwal Aftab and Furqan Qureshi, tells the story of a girl whose to-be-husband gives her a strict ultimatum to lose her weight to a desired level, threatening to otherwise call off the wedding. It doesn't look good for the drama so far.

Aftab posted on Instagram about the show and said, "This is one of the projects that I've worked really hard on, and I only did it for those of us who are always subjected to body shaming." She said as a society, "We don't let the overweight live in peace, nor do we let the underweight live in peace."

Her demand was simple, "Be happy, and let others be happy."

The show has been created to highlight the deeply-rooted culture of body shaming in our society. Quite literally the opposite of what Twitter is angry at it for doing. Each episode tells a different story of a young woman who's struggling due to stereotypes associated with what her body looks like.

These could affect young women in their personal and/or work lives, and by bringing about such stories in different contexts on the small screen, the makers are making a case against body shaming.

We'll be honest though, some of the tweets about Oye Motti were hilarious. We've put together a list of our favourites.

Did we mention how funny the OST is? We don't even know how to describe it. All we can say is it's what we would expect to hear at a high priced gym that costs an arm and a leg and fat shames you.

This user agrees.

We hear ya, guys.

The creators are trying to do some good with the show, and it could be disheartening for them to see such reactions on the internet. Though if you're reading this, Mr/Ms creator, we see what you're trying to do and we like it. Body shaming is a problem and there is a long way for us to go as a society in addressing it properly. But what's up with that OST?


M. Saeed Apr 09, 2021 02:32pm
The title alone is enough repulsive to keep me away.
Anya Apr 09, 2021 05:55pm
Nah not good enough. The treatment of the matter actually highlights the ignorance. "Yes let's have a show calling out bodyshaming and the call it oye moti with a odd track to match." The melodramatic tones and of course, incomplete representation is showing this has been taken in a very VERY superficial manner. This is a serious issue and many go through it, and none of them feel good about it while watching this so what were they trying to achieve? The fact that Pakistani dramas have these awful titles and 'misrepresented' trailers so often, it shows what needs to be fixed. This is not the first time a show has to say "no don't base it on the trailer watch the show pweash." Um so many shows exist that tackle huge problems and they don't have these issues because of the research and common sense. No, we don't see you and no we don't like it becay we are sick of these bare minimum justifications for poor work
Ali Apr 09, 2021 06:36pm
In one way or another let's hope that this helps Pakistani men and women slim down to healthy levels. The national obesity and child obesity rate must drop to avoid preventable diseases such has heart and diabetes.
It's me Apr 09, 2021 07:31pm
Bad write up. Probably paid to cover up and give it a positive twist. There's nothing positive in the story. Our audience is not mature enough to pick the hidden meaning that this article is purportedly trying to convey. The short clip being shared is disgusting but possibly also sends a message about how our society behaves in all similar instances. The message would be positive if at the end of the series/drama the guy accepts the lady as she is with a stress on the fact that he was only playing this card to ensure she loses weight for health issues and not otherwise. Do note that if it is presented as an eye opener to counter the negative health effects of being overweight, then it will definitely make a positive impact. If it is just being used to make money and poke fun at the expense of people then it is horrible.
Laila Apr 09, 2021 08:42pm
@M. Saeed lol thank for the laugh
Alih Kazmi Apr 09, 2021 10:55pm
Do they have any idea how much 160 kg is? We are talking Maulana Long March here.
Laila Apr 10, 2021 01:26am
@Alih Kazmi the writers of today and most dramas written in the past 1-2 decades are ignorant as hell and oblivious to facts. They generally have no basic or general knowledge on the topics they write. Nor do they care to research or even just hit Google. Instead they make up things along as they go. The population is so dumbed down that they dont know either (too busy tiktok,FB, Insta and moral policing females) and don't question the content.
omamah Habeeb Apr 10, 2021 01:40am
Tahrim Apr 10, 2021 05:03pm
I think this is the result of following korean dramas because in most of them we see girls losing or gaining weight for their boyfriends or husbands ,going under the knife ,doing surgeries for the acceptance ,its very pathetic how the objectification of women is done again and again in dramas,movies and ads.No one is perfect in this world or if is never remains perfect in every phase of life ,especially women who go through so many physical changes in pregnancy and after birth ,trust me no one wants to be obese or skinny or ugly ,be kind or be indifferent but dnt criticise and shame .A fat person knows he or she is fat while the skinny ,ugly ,black ,white ,red whatever knows their reality ,you dnt have to tell or remind them ,neither it makes difference.
Zohra Apr 10, 2021 09:11pm
A thin woman has been asked to put on a few pounds and pass off as an obese person. This is literally doing the opposite of what it wants to achieve.