Will the real Katherine George please stand up?

Published 30 Mar, 2021 12:47pm

Images Staff

Alex Mroz's pictures were stolen and misrepresented to support Pakistani men being the most respectful beings on the planet.

In a piece of rather unsurprising news, it turns out that Katherine George, defender of Pakistani men and their respectability, is a fake. Someone used the pictures of a Polish woman named Aleks Mroz and made a fake account to post pro-Pakistani men content. Katherine is most likely a Khalid.

Most of us had already guessed that the account was already a fake, considering it consisted entirely of posts about Pakistani tourism. The tweets praising Pakistani men have been deleted by the account after Mroz posted about it on Instagram and several others highlighted it.

Thankfully, it's the internet, so someone took screenshots before the posts were deleted.

Here's a quick refresher on what happened: In two separate posts that fired up the internet, "Katherine" said "No one in the world respects women as much as Pakistani men. Very respectful and humble" and "Pakistan is a country that loves and respects women". Both obviously very normal things for a tourist to post after visiting a country. People were obviously not amused.

Now it turns out that "Katherine" is as fake as her opinion of Pakistani men. Mroz is actually a Polish woman living in Pakistan who organises trips for people under Travel Studio 92. She was alerted to the fake account and denied having anything to do with it.

In a series of Instagram Stories, she said that while she has been treated well during her stay in the country, she recognises her privilege as a foreigner in Pakistan. She also said that she cannot speak for the Pakistani girls and women who live here and know their country best.

"The post clearly tries to show that a white girl coming to Pakistan for a moment thinks she knows everything about Pakistan now," she said. We're glad she acknowledged this, since this was the point that had everyone so mad.

“Isn’t it strange that so strongly biased post appeared online shortly after Pakistani Women’s March against the pandemic of patriarchy?” she asked, and we're wondering about this too. It's not like we think a Pakistani man made this account to promote men in the country.

Mroz said she will never speak for any Pakistani women, because they know their country best.

She also asked everyone to report the Katherine George account for stealing her pictures. Of course, in true tone deaf fashion, the Katherine George account deleted the picture but posted this gem:

Yes, we too wonder what's wrong with stealing people's pictures, pretending to be them and then attributing false opinions to them.

They also posted this cropped version of Mroz's Instagram post and then deleted it after she called them out again.

Mroz replied via the account of her travel tour company.

Oh, the drama. When will Pakistanis learn not to make fake accounts or trust the words of random white women on Twitter whose accounts were made a month earlier and only sprout flowery praises of our country? Shehzad Ghias already taught us the pitfalls of blind Twitter faith but somehow we seem eager to repeat this every time a new account pops up.