What the Sheikh siblings think about how Syra, Shahroz and Sadaf handled their situation

Published 23 Mar, 2021 06:23pm

Images Staff

They are Shahroz's cousins and revealed their thoughts on the talkshow Time Out With Ahsan Khan.

Following the announcement of Syra Yousuf and Shahroz Sabzwari's divorce, and the Chain Na Aye actor getting hitched to Sadaf Kanwal, there has been a lot of discussion on the celebrities' lives.

Sabzwari's cousins Momal and Shahzad Sheikh recently appeared on Time Out With Ahsan Khan and shared how they felt about the situation.

The duo, who were full of praise for their family members and the way they powered through the difficult time, appreciated the way things were dealt with.

"It was good enough how both Shahroz and Syra handled it... it was the best thing," Momal began. "And that's the way it should be. And again, people talk, don't they? They were talking before, they're talking now and they'll talk in the future."

She believes that both of Nooreh's parents were pure of heart. "I think they are two individual, mature people. Shahroz and Syra are MashaAllah extremely beautiful, and beautiful people at heart," she said.

"And obviously the third member Sadaf who has gotten into the family," Shahzad added. "She is the person who got the [most hate], but she was mature enough to handle it properly and Shahroz took her side so I think it's fair enough."

His sister agreed, saying that Sadaf was also a pure person at heart and handled the situation well.

Syra and Shahroz announced the end of their marriage in March 2020. The two had requested "both the media and the public to respect their privacy at this difficult time."

He then married Sadaf Kanwal in May 2020.