The first commercial trans-led tailor shop just opened up in Karachi and we couldn't be more proud

Published 22 Mar, 2021 02:39pm

Images Staff

The Trans Pride Society is behind the amazing project.

In an incredible step, the Trans Pride Society announced the inauguration on Sunday of the first commercial tailor shop in Karachi run exclusively by trans people.

The Trans Pride Society, an NGO run by Nisha Rao, is behind the project and announced the exciting news on social media.

"On 20 March 2021, the General Secretary of the Karachi Bar Association, Advocate Aamir Nawaz Waraich and Nuzhat Shirin, Chairperson of Sindh Commission on the Status of Women, our Chief Guests attended the opening ceremony and cut the ceremonial ribbon," they wrote on Instagram.

"A big congratulations to our tailors and members of the Trans Pride Society on this new venture! We wish you lots of success in your new journey."

The Trans Pride Tailor Shop is located at UG Shop No 67,70, Jinnah Complex Apartment and Shopping Mall on MA Jinnah Road in Saddar.

Having an entirely trans-led business is important not just for representation but also to normalise something that should already be a norm. Transpeople are equal members of our society and we need to start treating them that way.

We already know where we're heading next time we have a stitching emergency.