Looking for cute pyjamas? Here are 6 local contenders to try this summer

After weeks of trials, I was pleasantly surprised with some of the sets. Here are my top picks.
Updated 23 Mar, 2021

I'm going to take a wild guess and say that following the outbreak of the virus, the subsequent quarantine and enforced social isolation, you've been living in loungewear and PJ sets for entirety of last year— and if you're anything like me, it's forced you to consider if we have any locally available pyjama places catering to our needs.

With soft and loose clothing being in its heyday, coordinated sets were popping up right left and centre — so to save you the hassle, I got in touch with six local sleepwear brands to try out their collections.

I judged them based on design, quality, availability of similar/distinctively priced alternatives rotating in the market, and price.

After weeks of washing, tumble drying, ironing and making full use of the outfits during quarantine — here are some of my top picks, divided into pyjamas that are now my holy grail, and pyjamas that I liked but would probably not be wearing too much.

Mink Leisurewear

I counted this as one of the most heavenly sleepwear experiences because wearing Mink Leisurewear was like going to bed like royalty. I tried their hand-embroidered hummingbird set in small, and have to admit, it was wildly cosy! Breezy enough to feel like you're lightly swaddled, and finely-tailored enough for an outdoor errand — it's safe to say I have now become an exotic-pyjama convert and there's no going back.

The Good: Mink's hand embroidered set is divine. Super soft, extremely comfortable, a flattering fit and impressive colour — the black did not fade at all, despite multiple washes. There is also an option to customise your set by having your initials embroidered on the shirt pocket. The exotic, minimal packaging was the cherry on top.

The Bad: Unfortunately, the company doesn't have prices mentioned on its social media, which makes the online shopping experience a little frustrating for a few customers.

The Material: Cotton.

Snooze Off

Easily one of my top picks, Snooze Off has pyjamas that you can't help but wear and re-wear every alternate day. Minimal and chic, its fabric is delightful and will have you feeling cosy in no time. The cute designs and flattering fit can help you embrace working from home without feeling like you're wearing rags or completely throwing your sense of style out the window.

The Good: Minimal and chic designs. Comfortable fabric. Priced at Rs2,650 with free delivery, it truly was a steal compared to its market counterparts. The seamless delivery experience was a plus point.

The Bad: The cotton could feel a little heavy, especially in the scorching heat.

The Material: 100% cotton.

Jammies Official

Thinking 90s retro or ready to make a bold statement? Jammies Official should be your go-to. With fascinating illustrations, their designs were creative, exquisite, out there and heavily embellished with our favourite childhood memories — the Jet Sports, the bookmarks, and the Bubble Your Name's that had every name other than ours. They also sent in their matching slippers which, illustrated beautifully with everyday things, were an ode to the little things in life that give us nothing but joy.

The Good: The designs are unique and unlike any other available in the market. They also come in fancy packaging that makes unpacking a pleasant experience. Wearing them was making a statement.

The Bad: Priced at Rs3,650, Jammies pyjamas are a little heavy on the pocket, especially if you're looking to stock up.

The Material: Summer linen.

The Tailor Shop Co

Airy and perfect for humid summer nights, The Tailor Shop is a set you need, especially if you live in Karachi. The fabric is super soft and, priced at Rs2,200, these PJs are far more affordable than the rest.

The Good: Soft, breathable material, perfect for a summer day. I chose a set in navy blue and it felt great.

The Bad: Despite being a size small, the overall fit was rather unflattering and the shirt was too long. The embroidered patch on the pocket was not the neatest of the lot either.

The Material: Linen.

Lets Catnap

An everyday favourite, LetsCatnap is the perfect point of entry for cute and comfy sleepwear. Their designs were basic, and their wearing experience the cosiest. Breathable and well-ventilated, the PJs were the softest pair of the bunch and, despite not being a fan of summer linen, this set easily became something I picked up as soon as it was back from the laundry.

The Good: Breezy and soft, the fabric is perfect to wear in the heat.

The Bad: The colour started to fade after multiple washes. The design was faded and not as well-translated onto the cloth as it seemed in the pictures.

The Material: Summer linen.

Slumbergram PK

Received in cute, minimal packaging, Slumbergram was another easy summer pick with its light material and basic designs for everyday wear.

The Good: The colours were a treat for the eyes and their designs were cute. The delivery experience was seamless and I received exactly what was advertised on their social media.

The Bad: I tried two separate sets, yet the fabric was not the cosiest of the pyjamas I sampled. Priced at Rs3,000 I'm not sure if it would be my go-to, especially with cozy local contenders winning with their materials.

The Material: Knitted Stretchable Cotton/Cotton.

With so many options in the market, you now have nothing but choices when it comes to your sleepwear. I hope this helped, ladies!