Swedish luxury bedmaker Hastens announced the release of its new ‘Grand Vividus’ bed in Dubai on Friday for World Sleep Day.

The bed, designed by renowned Canadian designer Ferris Rafauli, has been two years in the making. If you want to get your hands on one, you might have to wait four to six months for your turn. You'll also have to have a spare $400,000 lying around.

The bed, available in black and navy blue, is crafted out of top-of-the-line wool, cotton and horsehair. Completely hand crafted, the bed and mattress are made to last at least half a century. There's already a waiting list for it in Dubai.

The outermost layer of the mattress has a checkered design, made out of woven cotton fabric, with a pattern displaying Hastens’ iconic horse emblem. The luggage-like base features leather edges, golden brass studs and a gold name plate. The mattress also features gold embroidery, reading “‘Grand Vividus” in one place and “Life Well Lived” in another. If we had $400,000 to spend on a bed, we might think our life was pretty well lived too.

Hastens, the official bed supplier for the Swedish royal family, has been in the luxury bed business for well over a century, initially starting as a saddle-manufacturer in 1852. Today they have customers all over the world, with great popularity among the high societies across borders and continents.

The first Grand Vividus was bought by four-time Grammy winner Drake. In his recent article feature on Architectural Digest, the God's Plan singer showed his bed and his — Rafauli designed and decorated — manor house in Toronto.