No, Meesha Shafi hasn't been sentenced to three years in jail for 'criminal defamation'

No, Meesha Shafi hasn't been sentenced to three years in jail for 'criminal defamation'

Contrary to the reports on social media, no court has given any verdict in the Meesha Shafi and Ali Zafar legal dispute.
Updated 16 Mar, 2021

Contrary to what you may be seeing on social media, no court has given any verdict in the Meesha Shafi and Ali Zafar legal disputes, in either party's favour.

Shafi has become the victim of a disinformation campaign on social media deeming her "guilty", which seems to have stemmed from a report by British tabloid The Daily Mail.

"A Pakistani singer whose accusations that a pop star groped her sparked the country's #MeToo movement faces three years in jail for 'criminal defamation' over damage to his reputation," reads the article.

Many people on social media and several Indian media outlets, including Times of India and ZeeNews, took that to mean that a verdict had been handed out in Zafar's favour and Shafi had been handed a sentence — but that isn’t true.

Shafi addressed the reports on Monday evening on her social media and shared a screenshot of a Samaa Digital report that debunked the "three years in prison" headlines. “Speaking up is even harder than being harassed,” she wrote.

“This is why so many suffer in silence. Sending strength and solidarity to all those who speak up and risk their present to make way for a better future for all," she said.

Shafi’s lawyer Asad Jamal via his Twitter account set the record straight, calling it fake news.

He clarified that the trial court had not sentenced Shafi to three years in jail. "Let there be no confusion that no such verdict has been passed by any court in Pakistan," he said in his statement.

"It is ridiculous how the news media have jumped to spreading the fake news, misleading their viewers and readers by relying on an imagined reaction from my client to the imagined court verdict," he added.

Shafi in 2018 accused fellow singer Ali Zafar of harassment in a Twitter post — an allegation he has vehemently denied. Both of them have filed cases against each other in different courts with Zafar instituting a defamation suit against Shafi for accusing him of sexual harassment.

On March 11, Shafi was summoned by a Lahore judicial magistrate in the case registered against her by Zafar under the Prevention Against Cybercrime Act. He has accused her and several other people, including rapper Ali Gul Pir and actor Iffat Omer, of running a "smear campaign" against him on social media.

A legal officer for the FIA submitted a complete investigation report at the hearing which said the investigation established that all the suspects, including Shafi, posted serious/direct allegations and defamatory/derogatory content on social media against Zafar.

However, the FIA submitting an investigation report does not mean the case has been decided.

A verdict has yet to be announced.

Meanwhile, earlier in January, the Supreme Court accepted for regular hearing the plea of Shafi, seeking a direction that the provincial ombudsperson for protection of harassment against women at workplace should rehear her grievance.


Browngirl Mar 16, 2021 01:22pm
But she should though; for destroying the livelihood and career of Ali Zafar.
Fahad Hussain Mar 16, 2021 01:29pm
Fake news powerhouse INDIA. Filmi Nation.
Asad Mar 16, 2021 01:32pm
Law one for elite and one for poorer
Irfan Mar 16, 2021 02:11pm
Atleast action must be taken against Meesha Shafi for falsely blaming and defaming Ali Zafar.
Umair Mar 16, 2021 02:13pm
She should be jailed.
M. Saeed Mar 16, 2021 03:03pm
This issue has gone too far for nothing. Such things are part of the game and Shafi might be having many more such issues in store.
Teddy Mar 16, 2021 03:35pm
Jail time is the only option for her.
No Mass Mar 16, 2021 03:38pm
He is powerful PTI member unofficial head of entertainment at their functions, has contacts with power base, MS is brave but Naya Pakistan has already convicted and sentenced her.
Khurram Mar 16, 2021 03:42pm
She should make good all losses ( if any) suffered by the innocent Ali zaffar.
Toni Mar 16, 2021 03:58pm
It may hard to prove, I am likely to trust and believe Meesha Shafi, why would she claim such alleged incident. Ali Zafar should just admit his mistake and apologize for causing distress because of some misunderstanding or inadvertent and hopefully unintentional contact.
Sarda Mar 16, 2021 03:59pm
Justice should be served. If he did it, he should face the music. being rich shouldn't get him immunity.
Ruby Mar 16, 2021 04:11pm
@Browngirl agreed
Ruby Mar 16, 2021 04:14pm
It's women like Meesha Shafi who have ruined the metoo concept. Genuine cases will not be believed because of her this stunt
Syed Zaraq Khan Mar 16, 2021 04:17pm
India and fake news go hand in hand.
Jigen Mar 16, 2021 04:33pm
Accusations of harassment will be impossible to prove in court.
Gfg Mar 16, 2021 04:46pm
Ali Zafar should show greatness and pardon her.
Prudent Mar 16, 2021 05:04pm
Even if she was, Dawn would find an angle to discredit Court's ruling given its feministic bias. The truth will prevail though :)
BAXAR Mar 16, 2021 05:12pm
@Asad "Law one for elite and one for poorer". Which one is which?
Khadim Jahanumi Mar 16, 2021 05:15pm
Why Did Meesha ran away to Canada. If she is innocent why she ran with her tail between her legs.
Riaz Uddin Mar 16, 2021 05:57pm
The facts of the case are still shrouded in mystery! Pieces of evidence appear to be missing. The allegations by Manesha need to be investigated by an independent agency.
Ali Mar 16, 2021 06:23pm
Fake News Fake Singer...(cashing in on Nazia Hassan's Boom Boom which needs NO remake)
Farooq Mar 16, 2021 06:47pm
If it is fake, shouldn't they be taking on the Daily Mail?
ajay Mar 16, 2021 06:50pm
No one cares in India . may be in small corner of some newspaper
nk Mar 16, 2021 07:20pm
This rebellious women will gain nothing from her court battle. I believe she is all about her whims.
Hasan Mar 16, 2021 07:28pm
Only 3 years? I’d hope for more
Masood Haider Mar 16, 2021 07:47pm
Her allegations have not been proven and are not credible.
atta rehman Mar 16, 2021 08:27pm
@Browngirl Can you imagine that a lady without a basis passing allegations of this sort without a reason?
AnilSahu Mar 16, 2021 08:38pm
@Jigen specially in country like pakistan where women always victims
Jay Mar 16, 2021 10:57pm
She just tried to pull a fast one on Ali Zafar. Sorry , it didn't work. Now all these rumors are results of her false claims, making her life even more difficult. Becoming notorious is also a qualification these days.
ambreen Mar 17, 2021 12:39am
As much as her admire her talent, i really felt she used her fame to disgrace Ali Zafar. What goes around comes around!
Pathanoo Mar 17, 2021 04:02am
@Irfan How do you know Meesha falsely blamed Ali Zafar?
Pathanoo Mar 17, 2021 04:03am
@Syed Zaraq Khan You couldn't resist yourself.
Pathanoo Mar 17, 2021 04:05am
@Masood Haider How do you prove sexual assault like groping? there are no finger prints left.
Pathanoo Mar 17, 2021 04:06am
@Masood Haider And, ofcourse you know that and have the proof?
Aa Mar 17, 2021 05:40am
Why Meesha is hell bent on proving she is right? Even if she is speaking the truth, no harm was done hence you should just move on. Better focus on your own family and be a good role model to your kids.
FAZ Mar 17, 2021 06:27am
So we want a society where any women can accuse any man of groping(since no medical evidence can be provided) and the world should boycott the man no matter how bad his reputation may be? "Its not what you know, its what you can prove in court". Unfortunately we have to stick with this otherwise men can also accuse women of any "wrongdoing". It can lead to increase in violence against women as we all know how masculinity works in a society like Pakistan.
Ali Khan Mar 17, 2021 07:59am
If anyone is to be believed its the woman in every harassment case . Dig deeper and you will find the truth
AMBER GUL RASHID Mar 17, 2021 01:23pm
@Aa She is hell bent on being proven right so she can BE a good role model for her kids...