'A comedy of errors': Twitter erupts over Senate secret camera controversy

Published 12 Mar, 2021 03:11pm

Images Staff

The government and opposition are accusing each other of installing cameras in the Senate voting booth.

Hidden cameras, hidden secrets or hidden agendas? Twitter's new meme fodder is as hilarious as the unfolding sequence of events at the polling booths set up to vote for the posts of chairman and deputy chairman of the Senate.

Led by PPP's Raza Rabbani, a special Senate session got noisy on Friday as the senator claimed that "secret cameras" had been installed inside the polling booth. "This is against Article 226 of the Constitution," he said, as the House resounded with cries of "shame, shame".

Following this, Information Minister Shibli Faraz addressed a press conference and vowed to investigate the incident and "expose" the opposition. If the government wished to make such moves, it would have done so during the Senate polls, he claimed.

"Even though they are thieves, they want to portray themselves as the victims. We will uncover who was behind this. How did they know that cameras were present? They did it themselves," he said.

Senator Mustafa Nawaz Khokhar of the PPP posted pictures of the cameras.

In the meantime, Twitter has run wild with memes and jokes about secret cameras.

Some called the whole situation a comedy of errors

Others think Fawad Chaudhry is helping the opposition Google some stuff

Some just wanted answers

Some thought they knew the source of the cameras

Others wanted a wave

All the cameras saw was patriotism

Maybe there was another purpose for them?

The government had some conflicting views