Updated 12 Mar, 2021

US Congresswoman Ilhan Omar is featuring Muslim musical artists in a new Spotify Playlist, including Pakistani artists Shamoon Ismail and Abdullah Siddiqui.

The 'Muslim Vibes' playlist features music from all over the world and each week of Women's History Month, Spotify is having inspirational Muslim women take over the Muslim Vibes Playlist.

Ismail and Siddiqui’s hit Kids was included in Omar’s second update to the playlist.

“I am jamming to the second part of my Muslim Vibes playlist as we pass final bill to send checks to people and Sensible Gun Control legislation. I hope you check out these artists, who are mostly unknown to US audience and give them a boost," Omar wrote on Twitter.

This recognition was obviously a huge deal for the artists. Siddiqui took to his Instagram and reacted to this news by calling it ‘surreal’.

Siddiqui is a Lahore-based singer and songwriter with two albums, 'Metannoya' and 'Hetrotopia' under his belt. Ismail is an Islamabad-based singer and songwriter whose music is predominantly a blend of Punjabi and Blues.

Omar had tagged Pakistani singer Atif Aslam and British-Pakistani actor and rapper Riz Ahmed in her post about the first Muslim Vibes playlist.

Omar is a Somali-American politician who made waves for being one of the first Muslim women to be sworn in to the US Congress alongside US-Palestinian Rashida Tlaib.


Shaun Mar 12, 2021 03:02pm
What a great achievement for the Muslim population and Pakistan.
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well-wisher Mar 12, 2021 08:17pm
Best of luck Shamoon and Abdullah.
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GK Mar 12, 2021 11:03pm
All the best. Very good progress.
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M haider Mar 14, 2021 03:37pm
ok and........
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