Twitter is getting desi saas-bahu vibes from Harry and Meghan's interview

Published 09 Mar, 2021 04:27pm

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Social media is full of jokes about the now infamous Oprah interview.

Photo: AFP
Photo: AFP

Everyone and their mothers are talking about the Meghan and Harry interview to Oprah Winfrey and how it lifted the lid on a history of racism in the British Royal Family.

To us, the whole thing sounded pretty familiar: upset in-laws, daughter-in-law being told what to do and drama. Sounds like quite a few desi dramas we've all seen.

Twitter thought so too and here are some of the best desi memes on the situation.

If this drama was an Indian soap opera, the trailer would look something like this:

I mean, the storyline matches.

This adds up too!

Not the black magic!

Ah yes, more content coming our way.

Of course the rest of Twitter had some hilarious jokes about the situation too.

I have something to say.

That's the British tabloids for you.

You're worrying about the wrong skin colour guys.

Sounds about right.


What did you think about the interview?