'No shame in reaching out for help,' says Hania Aamir as she encourages self-care

'No shame in reaching out for help,' says Hania Aamir as she encourages self-care

"Show yourself some love, some compassion. Be vulnerable and ask for help when you need to."
01 Feb, 2021

From time to time, we all need a reminder to go easy on ourselves — and actor Hania Aamir is here to do just that.

The Parwaaz Hai Junoon star, via her Instagram, asked people to put their oxygen masks on first.

"Self-care is essential. Show yourself some love, some compassion. Be vulnerable and ask for help when you need to; there is no shame in reaching out for help," wrote the 23-year-old.

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"Spend some quality time with your self. Indulge in activities that truly make you happy. Take care of yourself and it will eventually lead to a beautiful and a more positive outlook on the world."

The social media-savvy celeb has often mentioned her battle with anxiety and the importance of loving oneself.

“A lot of people don’t understand that there doesn’t have to be a reason for feeling anxiety. It is an ailment that has to be dealt with, just like the flu. There are times when you can’t enjoy even the happiest times of your life," she opened up in an interview last year.

On another occasion, she highlighted how taxing it can be to read comments by cyber bullies. "Words are powerful. They can create and destroy. Why use them to knock people down when you can use them to lift each other up?" the Dil Ruba actor pointed out.

She has also called out unrealistic beauty standards, "I know that the idea of being 'perfect' is appealing to majority but you don’t need to be an airbrushed flawless image to feel beautiful."

The response to Aamir being unapologetic about her acne was tremendous (apart from a few exceptions like Yasir Hussain) with the post garnering over 120,000 likes and thousands of comments. Several celebrities like Meesha Shafi and Syra Shahroz applauded her bravery to challenge beauty ideals when her success depends on conforming to them.

We say yes to embracing ourselves, acne and all, and double yes to self-care and self-love.


Ifti Malik Feb 01, 2021 12:04pm
Many good wishes for the lady in her inner struggles. She is a really honest person , unlike most hypocrites in our country .
M. Saeed Feb 01, 2021 12:10pm
If we have the right attitude toward ourselves, only then we can have the right attitude toward others.
Browngirl Feb 01, 2021 01:00pm
Isn't she the same woman with lots of skin problems?
Chrís Dăn Feb 01, 2021 02:35pm
A positive and a progressive approach. Bravo.
bimal william Feb 01, 2021 06:39pm
Every human being has the right to express his/her views. She has written this article with full honesty. She must be congratulated . Also this article will give courage to lots of people who hesitate to discuss their problems n never asked for help.
Fazal Feb 01, 2021 07:19pm
The lady teaches us what not to do to not end up like her. Now lets reverse the equation: love others, stay clear of xanax and lexotanil. Simple.
Hamdard Feb 02, 2021 12:29am
@Fazal That was really spiteful. Learn to be a human first and carry empathy.
M. Saeed Feb 02, 2021 02:47am
@Browngirl , wonders of modern make-up.
Vijay B. Feb 02, 2021 11:23am
First time I've ever encountered the name Hania Amir or anything written by her. i am thoroughly impressed by her insights and candidness. Hats off to the young lady (just 23 years old) just showing wisdom way beyond her years, and the very best wishes as well.