Teeli's new web series explores what it's like to be just married in Pakistan

Updated 05 Jan, 2021 04:28pm

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The six-episodes follow the a young couple who have just moved into an apartment in Karachi to start a new life together

What is it like to be just married in Pakistan? Want an insider?

Teeli's upcoming web series is about to explore just that.

Witnessing a December full of shorter guest lists and festivity (albeit from afar), has inspired digital content company Teeli to release its third web series titled Just Married.

The six-episodes give us a peek into the life of a young, newly married couple, Aiza and Zain, based in urban Karachi. Upon getting married, the two have ventured into the unknown and moved into an apartment to start their new lives together.

From the division of responsibilities to their urge to compare themselves to others to others asking about “good news”, the series will see the couple learning what their new marriage and their life together really means and requires.

According to Teeli, young love and marriage in modern day Pakistan looks nothing like what we see in dramas and TVCs. On top of that, the millennial representation that largely lacks authenticity — with content on television still trapped between the themes of domestic abuse, unhappy marriages and toxic family members.

Just Married will be the refreshing take on stories of young love and healthy relationships.

“All of our creative decisions were guided by one decisive aim - to explore very basic nuances in the lives of modern, married couples in Pakistan," says director Muhammad Murtaza Alizai, who also helmed Teeli’s first web series Summer Love.

"Their everyday problems can be as simple as spending hours searching for the right Netflix show, running into an annoying chatty neighbor or just dealing with their significant other’s annoying snoring habit. I believe we have managed to successfully piece together a very refreshing, relatable and a young take on life after marriage in Pakistan.”

Gul Zaib Shakeel, GM Teeli further added, “Teeli has been around for a little over three years, and we believe our content has two primary functions - to serve as an alternative to the dated mindset of the mainstream media and an accurate representation of the youth."

"2020 will be remembered for working from home and the onslaught of problematic dramas on television. Now more than ever, we need stories to break that depressing and damaging clutter,” she said.

The first episode is going to be released on 8 January on YouTube, with an episode coming out every Friday after that. Can't wait to see what's in store.

The series is a collaboration with Tapal Danedar.