Is this a glitch or intentional? That's what fans on the internet wanted to know about Bollywood superstar Deepika Padukone's social media posts when they couldn't any.

The actress deleted all her existing posts from social media, with fans having a meltdown as to where it all went. While we're still waiting on an answer, we're guessing because Padukone thinks pictures and tweets are so 2020?

And 2021 appears to be all about audio diaries!

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"Hi everyone, welcome to my audio diary, a record of my thoughts and feelings," starts the audio clip. "2020 was a year of uncertainty for everybody. For me, the year was also about gratitude and about being present. As for 2021, all I can wish for is good health and peace of mind."

"Happy New Year," says the star, without any explanation for waiting fans as to whether they will see those posts again or not.

The star has a huge social media presence with over 52.5m followers on Instagram and about 27.7 million followers on micro-blogging site Twitter. The actress was quite active on social media and on the anniversary of every film that she starred in, she changed her social media monikers and display pictures, according to a NDTV report.