Photo courtesy: Forbes
Photo courtesy: Forbes

We asked, you answered. After an unexpectedly grim and unfortunately socially distanced year, one thing is for sure — all of us have learnt something new.

While for some it may have been a recipe for Dalgona coffee and for others a rising interest in historical television shows, collectively for most of us, we learnt how to be grateful.

Grateful to be alive, to be healthy, and to have survived a global pandemic with a few stumbles here and there, but grace nonetheless.

Here are the top 5 resolutions put forth by you, that we're definitely taking into 2021 with us too.

Courage and self-love

Practicing self-love and doing it fearlessly, we're loving the new priorities. You go, girl.

Never giving up

Like Imran Khan put it yesterday, "Setbacks and disappointments are all a lesson. A successful man is one who knows how to cope up with the hardships that come his way. Demoralisation is the real failure. Learn to fall, but then get back up with grace."

Loving this effort.

Taking matters in your own hands

What's better than having faith in yourself? You do you!

Mouth shut, ears open

While 2020 was the year of venting, 2021 will hopefully be the year for lending a listening ear and shoulder to cry on. Empathy goes a long way. Here's to staying silent, and also sharing others' silence.

Kill them with kindness

Repeat after us — the world has had a bad year. Be kind to others, but remember to be kind to yourself too. We got this.