Gigi Hadid is a fan of using Shan masala so naturally desi Twitter is losing it

Gigi Hadid is a fan of using Shan masala so naturally desi Twitter is losing it

"Does Gigi Hadid even know that she escalated tension between India and Pakistan with her latest Insta story?" one user posted
Updated 30 Dec, 2020

Sugar, spice and everything nice!

Gigi Hadid's Palestinian roots and recent announcement of a baby with British-Pakistani singer Zayn Malik has given all the more reasons for desis to embrace the supermodel as their very own.

Recently, while responding to a fan on her Instagram story, the supermodel posted a picture of her day on 15 September, and much to the surprise of her followers from the Subcontinent, her pantry was filled with spices — garam masala, tandoori masala, turmeric, paprika and our very own box of Shan masala peeking from the sides.

Naturally, Twitter couldn't take it.

They have a point

She left people speechless

Shan Masala enthusiasts found common ground

While others simply couldn't...

People are out here picking sides

But not everyone was amused

The foodies just want a seekh kebab recipe

You know it could happen


Fastrack Dec 29, 2020 04:39pm
So beauty with brains and fine taste buds. Not bad. Not bad at all.
Fastrack Dec 29, 2020 04:40pm
Zayn, you lucky..
M. Emad Dec 29, 2020 04:41pm
Shan export to many countries India included.
M. Saeed Dec 29, 2020 04:42pm
She has Palestinian roots. Not a big deal if Shan is in here kitchen.
Jyoti Matondker Dec 29, 2020 04:43pm
Hands down the best masalas in the sub-continent.
Silent Observer Dec 29, 2020 04:45pm
Shan Masala got free advertising no other than Gigi !!
Ali da Malanga Dec 29, 2020 05:32pm
Quality food and its contents are always appreciated by those who love food.
Ishant Dec 29, 2020 05:57pm
Shan biryani masala is best in category with mouth watering taste. Unfortunately it's now not available in Bengalure.
well-wisher Dec 29, 2020 07:17pm
Go GIGI, go! Now we need to know how you use them - the masala. Recipe. please.
Laila Dec 29, 2020 11:44pm
@Fastrack so lucky. I hope they stay together forever. I am not really their fan bases age group but I just love this couple together. Can you imagine their beautiful genes in their kids? Gigi is a lovely girl and absolutely gorgeous. Hope they marry and have lots of babies.
saeeds Dec 29, 2020 11:55pm
I also cooked with Shaan masala. Thank you .
Aamir Alvi Dec 30, 2020 02:37am
You love Pakistani stuff Gigi!! You sure are in my good books!!!
Malik Dec 30, 2020 03:09am
Shan and National both are great brands. You goto any desi grocery store in west you will find these two brands on shelves.
Asma Dec 30, 2020 03:55am
Disgusting behaviour. When a gori does it its news.
DeepThroat Dec 30, 2020 05:46am
@Jyoti Matondker I second that, lived in 5 countries before USA, but our cooking is never complete without Shaan masala.
John Dec 30, 2020 06:56am
Is she muslim?
Logic Dec 30, 2020 10:12am
She looks as if she hasn't bathed since ages.
Queen Dec 30, 2020 02:38pm
@M. Emad Shan also exports to Bangladesh. Just FYI.
Laila Dec 31, 2020 12:29am
@John why does it matter if she is Muslim or not? You can go read or ask her on her public Instagram profile.
Laila Dec 31, 2020 12:32am
Maybe I am the only one here but I dont use ready made masala like Shaans and define telt not National mainly due to not knowing what vin it as ingredients and their declarations rarely match. We can't even get our cooking oil. Not even from the socalled imported stores. So at our house biryani and other dishes are made from scratch. We make the masalaa ourselves. It's actually not that hard. But yes some dishes are time consuming.
Laila Dec 31, 2020 12:36am
@Asma what do you mean by "gori"? That's a racist term to use. You do realize "white" are social constructs right? Instead you can say that generally we do give foreigners more positive reception. That would be acurate.
Laila Dec 31, 2020 01:23am
@M. Saeed she also has Dutch roots. Scientifically children require DNA from both a father and a mother to exist. Her mother is Dutch. Also Shan masalas aren't found in Palestinian kitchen but yes, general spices like cumin seed are found. Palestinian cuisine does not resemble Pakistani/indian/Desi cuisine the slightest. They don't overcook their food, no ghee, but use lots of salads, fresh ingredients and fusion ingredients like pomegranates in salad, beetroot in shawarma, olive oil is a must, and seeds on homemade bread, veggies, olives, cheese, dates, hummus etc. Their cuisine is to die for and healthy. I suspect that's why their life expentency is higher and they generally are healthy and not bogged down by many of the lifestyle illnesses we struggle with.
John Dec 31, 2020 04:04pm
@Laila is she muslim why no hijab?