Gigi Hadid is a fan of using Shan masala so naturally desi Twitter is losing it

Updated 30 Dec, 2020 11:05am

Images Staff

"Does Gigi Hadid even know that she escalated tension between India and Pakistan with her latest Insta story?" one user posted

Sugar, spice and everything nice!

Gigi Hadid's Palestinian roots and recent announcement of a baby with British-Pakistani singer Zayn Malik has given all the more reasons for desis to embrace the supermodel as their very own.

Recently, while responding to a fan on her Instagram story, the supermodel posted a picture of her day on 15 September, and much to the surprise of her followers from the Subcontinent, her pantry was filled with spices — garam masala, tandoori masala, turmeric, paprika and our very own box of Shan masala peeking from the sides.

Naturally, Twitter couldn't take it.

They have a point

She left people speechless

Shan Masala enthusiasts found common ground

While others simply couldn't...

People are out here picking sides

But not everyone was amused

The foodies just want a seekh kebab recipe

You know it could happen