In a year filled with the global pandemic gloom, Instagram Live sessions became the next best thing.

Observing stars in their natural habitat, getting to know them more, and having the chance to directly access some exclusive information about them became the norm we're hoping to take into the next year too.

In a conversation with City Fm 89, Meesha Shafi revealed some secrets close to her heart, in a candid session dedicated to queries from her fans.

Here are some of our favourite answers given by the The Reluctant Fundamentalist actor.

Favourite song of 2020?

Meesha: 'Keys to the Kingdom' by Beyonce

If you were isolated with any two musicians, living or dead, who would it be?

Meesha: Abdullah Siddiqui — I think we would make lots of awesome music. The other one I'm already isolated with, Mehmood, my husband. We're writing an album together.

Coke Studio or Velo Sound Station?

Meesha: Both.

Have you ever considered starting your own podcast? What would it be about?

Meesha: Awareness. Hard-hitting issues. It's already in the works and we can expect this next year.

Your dream musician collaboration consists of which musician?

Meesha: AR Rahman. I would love love love for the universe to make that happen. Another that I wished for has already come true. The song is in the album, somebody i've been a huge fan of all my life, somebody international. No spoilers yet.

Top 3 most played songs on your Christmas playlist?

Meesha: 'Toast' by Coffee - a very young African artist who swept the Grammys. I've also been listening to 'Take It Easy' by Urvasi because it's just such an amazing vibe — a whole mood. Also 'Gur Naal Ishq Mitha' after decades, never gets old.

Any song in particular you're singing when you're in the shower?

Meesha: If I'm feeling kind of not in an upbeat mood than Begum Akhtar, which is very hardcore.

What do you consider the greatest invention of all times?

Meesha: Wireless Bluetooth headphones.

Fill In the blanks: Nazia Hassan is....

Meesha: A queen!

Recording in a studio or performing on stage?

Meesha: Performing on stage

Winter in Lahore or winter in Toronto?

Meesha: Oh, Toronto. Lahore has no heating, are you kidding me? It's awful. I have never felt as cold in Toronto as I have in Lahore.

Pakistani music in the 90s or Pakistani music today?

Meesha: Oh, today! We are rocking.

Rock music or pop music?

Meesha: You know there was a time I would have said rock, but now pop.

Would you rather be without music or without movies?

Meesha: Without movies.

Ghagras or Jeans?

Meesha: Ghagras.